Ok Computer, we have some news for you kids – a…


This is a MASSIVE DEAL, so putting on my sensible hat (on top of my hitler hairdo, screaming Gucci little piggies – OK, I’m sorry, it’s out of the system now)…

Throughout Friday 17 June we will be broadcasting an exclusive audio stream in our shop. ‘WOW!’ you say. ‘YES’ we say back to thee.

The broadcast will include music curated by the band as well as a very special 2-hour live set of performances from their latest tour, featuring songs from the new album as well as favourites from the Radiohead catalogue.

The stream begins at 12pm with ‘A Long Selection from All the Office Charts Compiled by Thom’

This is followed by ‘Radiohead Live at The Roundhouse – Tracks Selected by Jonny’ which starts at 6pm.

We will also have some artwork to give away on a first come first served basis if you purchase the album (or if you come to collect your reservation if you have used our Click&Collect reservation service) and competitions running all day long, for some pretty amazing bits (READ MORE BELOW ISN’T IT)

We’ll also have a selection of Radiohead pies available in store all day, flavours the band have actually chosen themselves! Incredible scenes involving peas and mash (& Gravy).

Just to clarify, this will be an audio stream only, and we will allow anyone to be our guests throughout the day, as long as we have the room.

Have a read up below:


Customers attending the event are welcome to enter a free prize draw. This means you actually have to come to the store to enter, I think that’s the idea of this. So please support this real life experience.

Prizes include:

1st Prize – One winner will receive a selection of unique figurines used in the making of the Radiohead video ‘Burn TheWitch’ directed by Chris Hopewell

2nd Prize – Two winners will each receive a limited edition screenprint of Stanley Donwood artwork from his ‘A MoonShaped Pool’ series.

3rd Prize – Three winners will each receive a 35mm celluloid print of the Paul Thomas Anderson directed video‘Daydreaming’ in a film canister.

On release day, we will have a number of pre-printed artwork ‘inconsequential pamphlets’ designed by Stanley Donwood, for fans to take home.

Created by Radiohead’s primary visual collaborator Stanley Donwood these are special two-part instructional artworks,based on his experiences creating the A MOON SHAPED POOL album cover.

These are available on a first come first served basis, if you are collecting a reservation or purchasing from the shelves.

There’ll be other fun to be had which we’ll announce nearer the time, as we ROCK this Radiohead party, like it’s 2016

See you on Friday!

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