Pie&Vinyl’s Record Adventure #2 – look at the journey we took you on…sign up now!

Pie&Vinyl’s Record Adventure #2 – The mission brief.

So, next up Adventurers is a journey well worth taking, but hold on to your ears…as we unleash upon you the magical, mystical, psychedelic garage bomb that is ‘Wand – Golem’.

Released on the 19th of March via In The Red. This face melter will transport you to a time when swords were a persons best friend and dragons their worst enemy.  Cut from the same jib as Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and Fuzz – and rehearsed in a GARAGE. What’s more, we have an extremely exclusive and limited version for you.

Our friends at In The Red via Forte Distribution, where so excited to hear about our next planned adventure – they offered us the LP in an exclusive RED colour. Not available in UK record stores. This makes your next adventure even more of a bespoke experience.

We are also very happy to enclose your Adventurers only P&V bracelets. Wear this for increased power, especially when we announce money off weekends or other offers only exclusive to you in the next quarter.


Record Adventure 1 july


So, here is your mission brief:


  • Book a flight to a remote part of France.


  • Carefully break the seals on your adventure package.


  • Remember your uniform, comb your hair, wax your tash and have plenty of incredibly strong Stilton, and a bottle of port with you.



  • Eat, Drink, soak in the sun and listen to WAND turned up to 31 and a half on your turning platter.


  • Then break the seals on your ‘emergency return to earth’ bonus cassette and allow P&V Records Very own Sasha to nurse you back to a safe and gentle place.



  • Finally, slip on your Adventurer wristband and sit patiently waiting for our next Adventurer exclusive event, could be a sale, could be an instore or a show.


Sign Up!

Record Adventure…with Pie&Vinyl

Who wants to join our club? Although we feel a bit strange calling it a club, as this is for everyone no matter what kind of creature you are

…Let’s rephrase, who wants to go on a record journey? For a year?

Well, we thought that as our great friendship flourishes, you may even trust us to pick some records for you?

For just £100 per annum, we will send to your home address four highly recommended (by the staff) records, once a quarter.

Breaking that down – that’s one top record of our esteemed salutation, every three months!

We will also include a mystery Pie&Vinyl gift with every record you receive (it may even be a pie in the post) – plus, when you sign up for our adventures in sound, we give you a Pie&Vinyl T shirt of your choice! You will also receive a special identifiable record adventure bracelet, as we also give you priority at in store performances (you’ll always get in no matter what!) Pie&Vinyl presents shows priority chance to purchase tickets (and we are planning some big acts next year) plus special offer discounts in store, like random 10% off weekends and ‘Sale’ stock browsing before anyone else!

 To take advantage of our yearly subscription, pop in to the store where we will sign you up and present you with your uniform or e mail contact@pieandvinyl.co.uk

This offer runs for the first 2 months of a quarter. At the end of the third month in the quarter, we will send the goods…

This may be easier to explain:

 Jan & Feb (Sign Up) End of March we send the goods…

 April & May (Sign Up) End of June we send the goods…

 July & August (Sign Up) End of September we send the goods…

 October & November End of December we send the goods before Christmas:)

 You can sign up at any point during the year but your adventure starts from the period outlined above and will last for four records.

Let us take you on an adventure!

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