Pie&Vinyl to extend it’s premises! (the time has come)

Pie&Vinyl, Southsea and Portsmouth’s only independent record shop, coupled of course with its mightily tasty pie and mash offerings have some news it would love to share with you all…

We are extending our little shop! Yes folks, we are bashing through the adjacent wall to create a larger space! We will still be the biggest small shop in the world but the extra space will allow us to provide our incredible customers with an even greater experience.

First of all we want to thank all of the fantastic customers we have met along the way. Over the last year and a half, you have supported us from the first day we opened – eating our pies, buying our records, enjoying the in store performances, going along to our shows and events and then supporting our record label. We have hosted two incredible record store days, and we never take for granted the amazing people that share our passions.

Alas, Pie&Vinyl see this as the beginning of the second chapter and feel excited to work even harder to provide all of our brothers and sisters who currently inhabit this historically significant, fashionably vibrant culturally exciting city, to explore, enjoy and revel in this unique experience we provide. We want you to feel as proud of us, as we are of you.

Firstly let’s talk about  the music…The larger space will enable us to hold more stock, still specialising in new music and predominantly on the highly addictive modern vinyl format (which includes CD or DL). We will have more space to concentrate on merchandising the records, to ensure it becomes easier for you to pick out or discover the artists you love. We will also be focusing on a pre ordering service, where we send you information on new releases way in advance. We will then invite you to pre order via a ‘click and collect’ system, keeping the prices as low as we possibly can! We can also reward our loyal customers with various offers, and keep them up to date with independent only releases and free gifts with purchases. We will continue to try and order in any requests, but hope to make this easier for you should you want us to try and get those obscure releases missing from your collection.

We will of course still support the local music scene, and dedicate more space to artists from the area we feel you should hear! We will also be looking to grow our very own label, and add to our artist roster.

The in store performances will of course continue. We love to offer you many varied artists of all sizes playing in store for your entertainment (and for free). As we usually need to regulate the amount of people we allow through the doors, we will now have more space to get more folks in! We’ve had some amazing support from some pretty huge artists so far, and we aim to continue a regular array of artists appearing in store. The artists always go away thinking very highly of Portsmouth and Southsea, and we love to think we help put our great city on the musical map!

We will also stock more of our increasingly popular vintage Hi-Fi range, in which we sell separate components or packages while continuing to offer great deals. We always aim to get the best quality introductory separates, and will continue to offer a 3 month warranty on all goods for peace of mind.

We will also bring you a greater choice of limited edition screen printed posters, while stocking more local based artists and artists from around the world. The images will all be highly limited and collectable prints of the bands you love. We hope to have a more prominent area for you to browse away at these beautiful one off images that have proved so popular. We will continue to offer a framing service, working with our good friends ‘Southsea Gallery’.

We feel so honoured that you great people have really taken to the Pie&Vinyl brand, and feel proud to support us by wearing one of our ever growing pieces of merchandise. We hope to bring you even more creative and original ideas, showing the Pie&Vinyl gramophone and branding.

Now to the pies. We are aiming to offer every pie at all times on our new menu. We so far have a roster of 42 different pies, and we will continue to build on our selection almost weekly and seasonally. We also aim to make it easier for our customers on the move (and for those who can’t wait for a freshly cooked pie) with our ‘Hot to trot’ selection of favourites which will be available cooked, and ready at all times. We will make it clear what pies are ready to go, so you can simply pop in, purchase your pie and enjoy immediately! We know how delectable these pies are, and how you need to eat them NOW!

One of the big benefits of increasing our storage space and selection is the ability to work on our vegetarian and gluten free pie options. We want you vegetarians, vegans and people of can’t tolerate wheat to know that you can visit us and eat in confidence. Therefore we will be increasing our range to include more options for you.  We aim to become the number one eating destination for all vegetarians, vegans and gluten free eaters in Portsmouth and Southsea, and we hope you come try us out!

We will of course continue to proudly sell top quality pies from the one and only Pieminister and of course locally and exclusively to us, pies from Buckwells butchers, of Southsea.

Along with our friends at Leaves Cuisine, we have also started to make our own branded Pie & Vinyl pies, which have so far proved extremely popular. We will continue to tinker (in the pie lab) and offer you new, original delicious pies that you can’t get anywhere else! We will also increase our ‘sweet’ pie selection, (particularly in the summertime) offering many exciting original and delicious sweet flavours.

Our ‘meal deals’ will continue to come with a serving of fresh mash, minty mushy pea’s and thick tasty gravy or liquor (a parsley sauce, traditional with pie and mash in old fashioned London).

As you’ve come to expect from us, all food and drink will be served on beautiful vintage crockery and all drinks in timeless teapots with the upmost attention to detail.

All pies will be available separately, and available with or without mash, peas and gravy to take away. More details in our new menu.

To accompany your most excellent pie and mash, we continue to offer you high quality premium tea made in Portsmouth from our friends at ‘All about Tea’ long with our exclusive coffee ‘Tim Peaks’ Tim Burgess’s very own coffee blend (which will still contain a donation to the David Lynch foundation with every cup purchased).  We love working with musical artists, so watch out for special appearances on our menu as we tie in with more music refreshment related goods.

Also on the drinks menu is our selection of temperance cordials served in charming pots. An old Victorian custom, these cordials have many medicinal benefits and can be served hot or cold – still or sparkling. You’ll recognise many old flavours, and also mixtures you’ve never tasted before. Look out for the new flavours on the menu!

If it’s something lighter you may want to enjoy, feel free to enjoy some cake! Who doesn’t..along with sourcing cakes locally, we aim to introduce a bigger selection. This will include vegan and gluten free options, as well as some excellent ‘hot’ desserts. We try and keep the price of our cake as low as possible, and will be highlighting who and where the cake has been made.

We welcome customers who just want to come in and relax with light refreshment, take in the surroundings and listen to some good music. We are also family friendly, and continue to be with a larger space. We also stock many free music magazines and papers for you to read-so feel free to come in and indulge your passions in this unique surrounding.

We are very proud of our strong team and customer service, and we want to be the best! We love answering questions, whether it’s about records, foods or life! We are all very passionate about the things we sell, and hope this comes across. Basically, we love you and the things we sell!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and giving us the opportunity to explain what we aim to do with our larger shop. We love music, love food, love arts culture and love Portsmouth and Southsea, and we know you do too!

We will be holding a launch party and giving away free pie and vinyl….so visit www.pieandvinyl.co.uk for more information and to sign up to our mailing list.

Opening day to be announced very shortly.

Pie & Vinyl


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