Pie&Vinyl Summer Menu is launched!

Here it is chaps…we would like to introduce to you, our new summer time menu!

We have chosen a selection of pies, and drinks which we feel represent our wonderful British summer time, premium refreshment for all ladies and gentlemen – but we’ve remembered to bring our umbrella just in case.

We have added some ‘salutatious’ new summer refreshment options including our new ‘Fruit Shakes’, hand brewed local ‘Iced Tea’ as well as our traditional range of cordials served in pots.

We have upped our dessert pie range and to accompany your sweet tooth, an incredible collection of iced cream! incorporating the classic ‘Knickerbocker glory’, in all it’s glory and the choice of 1 – 3 scopes of unique iced cream flavours of your choosing. (All of our ice cream is locally supplied by Minghellas of the Isle of Wight)

You can even replicate your winter favourite, by choosing the ‘sweet pie meal deal’ in which you select any sweet pie which then makes it on to the plate with a generous portion of Pistachio (The peas) and Oriental Ginger & Honey (the mash) ‘Minghella’ ice cream, with a pot of Chocolate gravy (melted Nutella) to pour over the top. Yes, we are for real –  and you need to get involved;{)

We will also be stocking some new summer flavours from our brothers and sisters at ‘Sweetie pie – Gluten-Free Vegan Bakery of Southsea’ (http://sweetiepiesouthsea.com/)

The pie selection has been chosen very carefully by the professors in the P&V pie lab, and we are de -light-ed to offer you a selection of summer inspired pies.

Combine your summer pie choice with our new ‘meal deal’ option served with Southsea Greenhouse salad, creamy slaw and a healthy dollop of our very own Pie & Vinyl chutney. Yum.

Or reach for the brolly, and go traditional style as we offer our famous minty mushy peas and creamy mash,
with your choice of gravy or liquor (You can’t beat it).

Look out for our new table talkers which explain our hydration offerings, and details of our new Pie&Vinyl in house coffee blend. It’s a quality local blended roast, which we now serve using all traditional Barista methods, including iced!

Have a browse below, and see what takes your fancy come rain or shine (((O)))

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