Pie&Vinyl bespoke Gift Sets….

(All together now, sing:) On the first day of Christmas, Pie&Vinyl sent to you – a superbly presented gift box with a choice to bespoke a range of music, pie, poster and clothing related gifts….(and save money)….

We are offering 5 different gift sets this Christmas, hoping to help you find something for the more ‘difficult to buy’ loved one.

Each gift set has a theme related to your favourite area of our little shop. Each set will come beautifully presented the Pie&Vinyl way, and you will save some money by purchasing in this fashion (savings detailed below)

No.1 Music £35 ( save £5)

  • £20 Pie&Vinyl gift voucher
  • Pie&Vinyl Record Bag
  • Pie&Vinyl T shirt (choose any size or colour)

No. 2 Food £30 (save £4)

  • Pie&Vinyl pie and mash voucher
  • 250gTim Peaks Coffee
  • Pie&Vinyl Tea
  • Pie&Vinyl T shirt (choose any size or colour)


No.3 Art £30 (save £2)

  • Pie&Vinyl Pi print or Pie and Vinyl screen print
  • Pie&Vinyl T shirt (choose any size or colour)
  • £10 Pie&Vinyl gift voucher


No.4 Christmas Cook £30 (save £3.50)

  • Pie&Vinyl T shirt
  • Pie&Vinyl Apron
  • Pie&Vinyl Pie and mash gift voucher


No. 5 Christmas Hipster £50 (save £6 )

  • Pie&Vinyl Hoodie (any Size)
  • Pie&Vinyl Beanie hat
  • Pie&Vinyl T shirt
  • £10 Pie&Vinyl gift voucher


To claim your unique and special gift

Step 1 – Simply pick the desired gift,

Step 2 – Ask your friendly Pie&Vinyl shop assistant for some help –

Step 3 – The shop assistant will collect the desired items and present the set in the beautiful unique gift box.

(Please e mail us with sizes if you would like to pre order –contact@pieandvinyl.co.uk)

Whichever set you choose, you’re sure to make someone’s Christmas very special. So come down and share in the festive spirit with your friendly Pie and Vinyl team J

So come down and pay us a visit this Christmas, we are sure you will find a very special and unique gift for your loved ones.

A very Merry Christmas!

P&V :{)

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