Pie&Vinyl nominated for best Independent Music Retailer of the year!


We thought you should know. It’s a pretty big deal, and we can’t believe we have been nominated for the best Independent Music Retailer…and man, are we in good company!

Independent Music Retailer – Supported by ERA

Banquet, Kingston-upon-Thames
Drift, Totnes
Forever Records, Nottingham
Pie & Vinyl, Portsmouth
Resident, Brighton
Vinyl Tap, Huddersfield


Read this little bit from host Jo Whiley  http://www.musicweek.com/media/read/the-fun-of-it-is-just-being-spontaneous-jo-whiley-talks-hosting-the-music-week-awards/076132

100 gifts for the first 100!

We want to reward your fine efforts and loyalty by offering up 100 gifts for the first 100 people through the door on record store day. We reached out to our favourite label mates, and they have well and truly delivered! Check out the enticements below…The first 20 will get an exclusive Fred Perry bag also! See you at the front!

Threads! Julia Jacklin Sweats, Jack White Totes, Captured Tracks Totes, XL Recordings Totes, Dirty Hit Totes, 4 AD totes, Firled Music Tea Towels and Friels RSD Tees!

Records, 7’s and Tapes from The Beggars Group, Sub Pop Test Pressings, Memphis Industries Test Pressings, Signed postcards. Big Scaery Monsters picture disc comp, Jack White 7″, Tapes from Grimes, STATS and more, a record watch? And the highly saught after Suspiria Thom Yorke highly limited edition unreleased LP…Woo!

Prints galore! from Let’s Eat Grandma, Kamassi Washington, Lissie, Rozi Plain, Alice In Chains, Iggy Pop & Underworld (Lyric Book), and hugely impressive XX photography booklet (Very Limited) & an exclusive Suspiria Thom Yorke screen print!

And Lastly, some 4 AD pencils, Big Scary Monsters coasters, Marry Waterhouse & Emily Barker stencils, Captured Tracks Pin Badges & Beta Band booklet…amongst many other posters, promo’s, badges, and anything we have lying about! (we probably have enbough for 500 to be honest). We are ready for ya!

Pie&Vinyl Record Store Day 2019 Celebration Party

This year we are doing things slightly differently, we like to think of it as a party in the shop…all about records!

And so, we cordially invite you to our Record Store Day 2019 celebration held in our humble shop…

*Limited Signed Prints will be available to purchase on the day*

100 gifts for the first 100 people (believe us, we have some crackers to give away) Pie’s created by the artists appearing live & Beer served all day with DJ’s and live acts while you shop.

We are also open a bit later, if you are planning to tour various record shops.

Join us, as we celebrate physical format music and Independent record shops!

Set times in the shop are as follows!

Channel Noir1pm
Marry Waterson & Emily Barker2pm
Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind3pm
Tom Speight6pm

Girli 12:00pm

London’s very own brazen popstar GIRLI announce her debut album Odd One Out, due on 5th April via PMR/Virgin EMI. The highly anticipated debut album ‘Odd One Out’ was co-written by GIRLI with various collaborators such as Fast Friends and MNDR / Peter Wade (Charli XCX, Brooke Candy) written and recorded in Los Angeles. ‘Odd One Out’ follows from GIRLI’s Hot Mess EP and features fan favourites Day Month Second, Hot Mess and Young. The 8-track album marks the new mature alt-pop sound from GIRLI. Drawing inspiration from real life experiences ‘Odd One Out’ explores identity and the difficulties of adolescence. Released and available in the shop on record store day on Pink Heavyweight LP.

Channel Noir – 1:00pm

Our Surprise Special Guest is the Portsmouth collective – Channel Noir.

Some of Portsmouth’s most notorious and important artists combine to record a musical response to ‘Brexit’. An important artistic message from our fair city, to the rest of the British isles and to the continent we are leaving (possibly the day before RSD).

We felt it was important to preview and highlight this on record store day, however you feel about it.

The Channel Noir release, contains 4 bands: Curl, Fake Empire, The Music Liberation Front Sweden, Torpedoes.

We’ll be selling the HIGHLY limited EP ‘Un’ on record store day. Check out the promo below.

Marry Waterson & Emily Barker – 2:00 pm

English folk royalty meets Australian soul in this new collaboration between Marry Waterson & Emily Barker; an album of fly-on-the-wall observations of the contradictions and disconnections of modern life.

No strangers to collaboration, Waterson and Barker discovered an immediate kinship when they started writing together. The intriguing combination of Waterson’s poetic lyrics and Barker’s eclectic musicality has been shaped in the studio by musical polymath Adem Ilhan. Don’t miss this! 

Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind – 3:00pm

Hot on the heels of 2018’s successful reunion with garage-psych testifiers Thee Hypnotics, singer/guitarist Jim Jones returns to give 2019 the kick-start that it so urgently needs with his current band, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, and the release of their incendiary second album, CollectiV.

Rising from the ashes of The Jim Jones Revue, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind paint from a broader sonic palette. Incorporating elements of chain gang chants, mutant soul and gospel, and psychedelia, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind are fervent torchbearers for rock’n’roll at its most primal, feral and elemental. A special stripped back set worked out exclusively for this in store show! We are not worthy! 

Tom Speight

Tom Speight is a singer and songwriter from London, England. Blending elements of folk, contemporary pop, and intimate singer/songwriter fare, he made his recording debut with the self-released Falling EP in mid-2016. Another EP, Love, followed in late 2016. That same year, three songs he co-wrote with indie folk-rockers Turin Brakes appeared on the band’s seventh LP, Lost Property.

Speight followed up with three more EPs in 2017, all featuring production by Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Justin Nozuka) and guest spots by Turin Brakes and vocalist Lydia Clowes. Willow Tree arrived in March of 2017, with My My My following in July and Waiting finishing out the year in December. In the meantime making multiple passes through the U.K. on tour, he was also featured on BBC Radio and racked up more than 20 million plays on streaming sites before the end of the year. Buy his debut LP in the store this day! 

DJ Selectors, playing live in store!

Mr Foot – 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Highlights Of Our Modern World – 3:30pm – 6:00pm

Official list with pricing HERE

Rules, tips and an idea of how we roll on the big day HERE

join our FB event HERE

See you there! We can’t wait and thank you for your support!

About the poster artist Tim Hall…

WHEN Tim Hall decided to have a go at creating his own comic, he had no idea just what a huge task he was taking on.

A professional artist and fan of comic books and metal music, he came up with the idea of creating a couple of test pages of a Vikingthemed story.

Three years and more than three thousand hours later, volume one of Skragbeard and the Vikings – Escape from Helheim is on the shelves.

Tim has always spent his time sketching. After university he worked in advertising and thinks this has honed his interest in creating art for a reason rather than for its own sake.


Record Store Day 2019 at Pie&Vinyl – Official UK Release List with *Estimated Pricing!

Hello Friends and Record Lovers!!! It’s that time again! THEE BEST DAY!

Want to know if we are stocking it? Want to know how much we’ll be selling it for? Feast your eyes on the official UK list below…

Official UK Release List 2019 – Simply create a wish list by placing an X alongside the records you desire – Download This

OR Handy to print version – pop in and show us!

When you have decided the titles you are desperate for, please e mail your *wish list* to recordstoreday@pieandvinyl.co.uk  and if possible pop into the subject box ‘RSD 19 Wishlist’. We will reply to every e mail and confirm we have the stock which is highly likely.

Alternatively, please pop into the shop and chat to us face to face! We can take your requests, and chat about any other questions you may have.

*This is the list right now 28th Feb, and can be amended at any time. We do recieve many late additions and price changes. We’ll update it as we go. Aren’t sure? – please contact recordstoreday@pieandvinyl.co.uk, and we’ll confirm or deny any rumours!*


*We are 7 years old now, and support every label and distributor in the UK all year around. We have recently been shortlisted for the Music Week Independent Record Shop of the year, so muct be doing something right!

SO we can expect a very good level of stock of everything. With your help, we can sift through those 500 odd titles, and make sure we order lots of what you are after!* When we have received your request, We will add to our buying list and make darn sure that there will be at least 1 copy in our store (hopefully many more).

***A note on the pricing for Record Store Day – As many regulars know, we aim to offer the lowest prices and the highest standard of experience. We never mark our prices up, our standard margin is applied to all stock at all times of the year. Record stores are for life, and can be visited every day of the week…not just record store day! P&V***

We’ll also have free gifts for the first 100 people in the queue, ranging from Test Pressings & Promo’s to T-shirts, posters and key rings! We’ll also hold a raffle where every person that purchases something, will win a year’s subscription to our Record Adventure along with other goodies – more info HERE

Every person that purchases a record store title will also get 10% off our regular stock that day.

We’ll also continue to sell any stock left over from Sunday onward. So if you are busy Saturday, fear not!

Please continue to consult www.recordstoreday.co.uk  for details of all official UK releases.

*Don’t be confused with the recordstoreday.com version, this is the U.S.A. release list, and they differ*

Also – listen to BBC 6 Music for updates and good times. They will be sponsoring the event this year. Thank goodness for that. Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/6music

The List Of Artists Supporting Us On Record Store Day will Be Announced Soon!

Record Store Day 2019 at Pie&Vinyl – Rules & Tips for Fun Times – *Please Read*

For those who are new to Record Store Day, and a recap for those who treat the annual celebration as a type of Birthday/Christmas/Wedding Day/birth of son and daughter all rolled in to one…please find some very important information on how we will roll on the big day.

Ok, we’ve called them rules but please see them as positives gestures, which helps everyone have a really great Record Store day! Read on for a few tips also…

P&V RSD RULES (Positive Gestures)

  • We will open our doors on the big day at 8am sharp (Maybe before if we can, but we can’t sell a thing until 8am). People are welcome to queue in an orderly fashion from approx. a week before then. We will close at 7pm on the day, and open on the Sunday at 11am so people can pick the bones.
  • First come first served. We really mean it. We adhere to RSD and ERA rulings, which state that we can’t reserve anything for anyone (Including animals and robots). Damn right too! What kind of cherished event would RECORD STORE DAY be if people could reserve records or buy online? You need to earn that LIMITED must have…this isn’t downloading, it doesn’t come easy, but the rewards are totally worth it and you will feel like a champion! You can however request what you are after and build a wish list, which will help us order the correct amount of stock. Just email recordstoreday@pieandvinyl.co.uk – with your requests Official List info HERE
  • ONE COPY OF EACH OFFICIAL RSD RELEASE PER CUSTOMER. You can buy as many records as your bank manager allows, but please don’t try and purchase two or more of the same thing, as we will not sell them to you. This will mean everyone will have a chance to get what they want. From Sunday (the day after) The rules will be relaxed, any stock left and in any quantity will be up for grabs.
  • We’ll be letting 25 people into the store at any one time. It will be one in one out from then on. Although we are larger, we have to respect the people who have queued for hours and give them a fair crack at purchasing what they have nearly died for. We are a larger beast these days, but still small and perfectly formed. We don’t want to see any crushes/fistfights/passion for music being compromised. We will play it by ear as the day goes on, and as soon as we feel it is safe to let more punters in, we shall do. By putting the above rules into place, this will mean that everyone should be able to purchase at least something they desire at any point during the day. *For regular stock, please enter the other door as there will be no fixed limit.

*Please don’t be put off if you don’t fancy standing in a queue. This is why we employ the rules above, so that everyone gets a fair crack at buying what they want:)

Many people were still finding bits they wanted at in the afternoon last year. We want to make this as fair as possible and look after you regular customers as well as welcoming new ones*

There may be quite a few late additions, or titles you have heard are being released but not on the RSD list. Rest assured, if it’s an official RSD UK release, we will have a chance to stock it.

We are confident that we will receive large amounts of stock, and certainly as much as we are allowed to lay our furry paws on. But do remember, that some of these items are super limited (in some cases only 150 items for the whole country) so depending on total quantity available, we will get as much as we are sent.

To request any title – please e mail recordstoreday@pieandvinyl.co.uk

See HERE for release list and P&V prices.


Remember, this is as much about the experience as it is the records! (Well, we try and make it so anyway…)

The first customers on the big day have usually earned the right, by queuing for quite some time. If there is something you really, really want – Plan to get there really, really early.

If you are going to queue, bring a good chair, some blankets and maybe some beer…

This may sound funny, but you get to meet some really like-minded souls, standing in line. There is a really special atmosphere and team spirit in the queue…and when that door opens, you won’t have felt excitement quite like it! Friends for life and a triumphant atmosphere all round!

We’ll be providing FREE Tea, Coffee, Biscuits MAYBE BEER and reading material throughout the night. Also our Quiz with prizes to entertain you!

Bring plenty of cash – there will be a cash only till in action on the day to help serve you as swiftly as possible. It will also be handy for purchasing a few drinks and some hot food for those queuing.

Make sure you get to enjoy the street market and our incredible outdoor stage – more information HERE (announced soon)

Keep up to date by visiting and ‘liking’ our social pages, and sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know stuff.

Pies and Drinks and Breakfast Time

With all this no sleep, queuing lark – Rest assured, we want you fighting fit when you finally get to touch those promised pieces of shellac. You need to eat, to be strong to face the final hurdle…a Bowie 7’’ or the complete Vengaboys collection? We can’t have you going hungry now…

We’ll be looking after you early birds and making sure you are comfortable and offering pies and drinks for you to consume while you wait. We’ll even make it easy for you to pre order the night before and have it ready for you in the morning.

You may even be served by a hilarious fancy dressed person, on roller skates, hoping to lift your morning blues.

Food and drinks will also be served throughout the day from our outside pie pop up stall, and (look out for some delicious music-related pie specials)


See you soon!

Update post-RSD19: If you didn’t manage to get your hands on that special indie record shop exclusive instore, how about buying your vinyl records online. We still have some very strictly limited quantities available at our independent online record store here.

Lots of Love, the P&V Referee x

Record Store Day 2019 Launch!

  • Very excitingly and intoxicatingly, we’ll be giving away plenty of Record Store Day ‘Friels’ Cider – one of this year’s sponsors, for you to sample for free! *Hiccup! We’ll be selling a selection of our usual choice beers from the Staggeringly Good & Unity Brewery also, as well as offering Pie&Beer deals.
  • We’ll be spinning some records on the ones and two’s, and invite you to bring your own – and we’ll play it loud! Let’s all have a disco!
  • We’ll also be publishing the list on our website, and inviting requests from then! We also hope to announce the bands that will be supporting us by playing live on the big day.
  • And of course we’ll have some Record Store Day themed exceptional Pies for you to try, that’s your supper sorted too me old!


Barbudo EP Launch, Live at The House Of Rapture

Where? The House Of Rapture – More info HERE

When? – Friday 1st March, Doors at 7:30pm

How? – £6 on the Door, or pre order the new limited EP ‘Sunshine’  and get in for free.

For more info visit www.pieandvinyl.co.uk

Or Join our FB event HERE

Sea Change IV Tickets available in Store Now!

Dates: Friday 24 – Sunday 26 May 2019.
Information and tickets: seachangefestival.co.uk @driftseachange @driftseachange
Camping at Dartington: Available directly from dartington.org from February.
Listings for hotels, hostels, BNB’s, spare rooms and guest houses: http://www.visittotnes.co.uk/where-to-stay


The Quietus presents Gazelle Twin – with full line-up to follow
You Tell Me, Hannah Peel & Will Burns, Pip Blom, TVAM join line-up
4AD and Moshi Moshi joins festival’s group of curatorial partners
Sea Change to start the 2019 festival summer

Devon’s Sea Change Festival, the much-loved event founded by Totnes’s Drift Record Shop, is excited to announce the first artists confirmed for its 2019 line-up; the combination of artists and creative partners – a roll call of the country’s greatest music labels – is a clear indication of the event’s continued boldness and increased size and scope in its 4th year.

Friday night’s headliner will be one of the UK’s most critically and commercially successful acts, METRONOMY, returning to Devon for a huge homecoming show for Sea Change on the Dartington Hall Estate. The Mercury-nominated band is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of breakthrough LP, Nights Out (a new expanded edition of which is available via Because) and founder Joe Mount has most recently been busy at work producing Robyn’s Honey album. A long-time supporter of both Drift and Sea Change, Joe snuck into town to play a surprise DJ set at the inaugural
Sea Change weekend and it has long been one of the festival’s biggest ambitions to invite Metronomy to headline.

Saturday night sees the cosmic psychedelic jazz of THE COMET IS COMING taking to the Sea Change stage. Following a 2018 Mercury nomination with the extraordinary Sons of Kemet, saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings – alongside bandmates Betamax Killer and Danalogue The Conqueror – turns his attentions back to soundtracking the imagined apocalypse with a fusion of jazz, Afrobeat and electronica. Exactly what the band has in store for 2019 we don’t know (cryptic messages have been appearing), but all roads lead to Saturday night at Sea Change.

Sea Change is thrilled to join with Fire Records/Fire Films to offer the first look at KING ROCKER, a film investigating the mysterious existence of the front man and lyricist of The Nightingales, Robert Lloyd. Comedian and writer STEWART LEE and director MICHAEL CUMMING (Brass Eye, Toast) bring an exclusive first preview of the documentary to Sea Change, with a full panel talk and pounding live show from THE NIGHTINGALES, Britain’s ultimate post-punk survivors. Robert Lloyd’s The Prefects played with The Clash on the White Riot tour in 1977 and The Nightingales recorded more John Peel sessions than any other band.

Essential music and culture website, THE QUIETUS, returns as a key creative partner to proudly present a late-night set from GAZELLE TWIN. Latest LP, Pastoral, was The Quietus’s 2018 album of the year (with the hypnotic and terrifying ‘Hobby Horse’ also ranking high in the 50 tracks of the year) and it noted, “On her latest extraordinary album, Elizabeth Bernholz serves the full English with extra discomfort, grotesquery and barely contained horror.” The is just the start of The Quietus’s plans, which will, of course, include DJ’ing another set of full-on bangers.

Another 2018 project born from obsession and joyous admiration was Earth Recordings’s BAGPUSS soundtrack reissue, declared by Drift as soundtrack release of the year. At last year’s festival, the soundtrack specialists handed Drift a mysterious test pressing and now, less than a year on, Bagpuss will be holding court at Sea Change 2019. Series creators, aficionados and fans will explore the adored ’70s animated classic and, as part of an exclusive, fully-immersive experience, musicians SANDRA KERR and JOHN FAULKNER – whose beautiful pastoral folk music helped to make the series so special – will perform the beautiful songs live.

Elsewhere, artist, producer and award-winning composer HANNAH PEEL collaborates with poet WILL BURNS to perform in the beautiful 15th-century St Mary’s Church venue. And another celebrated collaboration see’s Field Music’s PETER BREWIS and Admiral Fallow’s SARAH HAYES becoming YOU TELL ME, whose debut album was released this month to much critical praise.

The deft curation of Drift will see two of its favourite bands joining the line-up. Dutch 4-piece PIP BLOM made many new fans on a triumphant supporting slot for The Breeders last year, while big and beaty TVAM released debut LP Psychic Data to great acclaim towards the end of last year.

Creative partners HEAVENLY RECORDINGS, BELLA UNION, ERASED TAPES, ROUGH TRADE BOOKS, FIRE RECORDS, EARTH RECORDINGS and MUTE return for 2019, with new friends MOSHI MOSHI and 4AD also coming to Devon.

Sea Change takes place on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May, moving to the late May Bank Holiday for the first time having staged three sell-out events on the August Bank Holiday. The 2019 edition sees the second partnership between the young festival and a revered old institution with a new story, the Dartington Hall estate, a combination which continues to add new names to Dartington’s quite-immaculate list of guest creators in music, art and culture.

As Sea Change moves to May, it also stretches into a third day, with music sets, talks and events, culminating in a special afternoon matinee headline performance at Dartington to close the festival. And while Dartington is the festival’s Offshore stage, hosting music until late on Friday and Saturday, the buildings of Totnes remain central to Sea Change, presenting extremely special music guests, panel talks, films and events beneath the beautiful gold leaf ceiling of the Barrel House Ballroom, 15th century St Mary’s Church, 1950s Civic Hall and restored Victorian Totnes Cinema.
Earlybird tickets sold out in record time in December, but day (£49), weekend (£89) and Young Person (£39) tickets are on sale now online or via Pie&Vinyl

Sea Change founder, Rupert Morrison, said, “For our fourth edition, we drew up a list of our favourite friends and artists and just went for broke; we just asked them and we’re still pinching ourselves that we convinced Metronomy to come and play a massive homecoming show on the Sea Change stage. I guess we’re doing something right; maybe we’re just doing something different? Shabaka Hutchings’ saxophone has been a huge part of our last 18 months, as have numerous of
Stewart Lee’s incendiary pearls of wisdom…and as for the saggy old cloth cat… Sea Change IV is already shaping up to be our dream line up. As ever, there is plenty more to come!”

The Pie&Vinyl ORANGE DOT Sale – This Weekend Only!

We are pleased to launch our biggest ever sale, and this time we are doing things a bit differently.

For this weekend only, we are offering 20% off all Records including soundtracks, boxsets, 7″ and books. Also Merch and Hi-fi. Pretty much our entire stock!

Anything with a fat ‘Orange Dot’ stuck to it will qualify for this offer.

That means that literally everything in the racks is discounted, most merch items and all Hi-Fi separates too.

Did you get a new record player for Chrimbo? Need to spend that tenner your aunty gave to buy something sensible with? Fancy a good old fashioned impulse purchase? Judge a record by it’s cover? Boost your collection and taste pallet? Just realised they are still making vinyl – come see us!…We have CHEAP beautiful records going.

Come for a rummage, grab some bargains and treat your ears to start the year.

Sale Starts this Friday 25th January at 11am and finishes on Sunday 27th January at 5pm.

Record Adventurers gain priority access at 10:30am on Friday – To join our Record adventure, have a look HERE

Love team P&VS