Record Store Day 2020 at Pie&Vinyl – Official UK Release List with *Guide* Pricing!

Feast your eyes on the official UK list below…

*This is the list right now, 5th March and can be amended at any time.

When you have decided the titles you are desperate for, please e mail your *WISH LIST* to  and if possible pop into the subject box ‘MY RSD 2020 Wishlist’ (It really helps to pick them out in our inbox).

We will reply to every e mail and confirm we have ordered the stock and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, please PRINT using the links above on WORD, PDF or Suggestion Form, and pop into the shop and chat to us face to face! We can take your requests, and chat about any other questions you may have.

There are many late additions and price changes. We’ll update it as we go. Aren’t sure? – please contact, and we’ll confirm or deny any rumours!


*We are 8 years old now, and support every label and distributor in the UK all year around. We have recently been shortlisted for the Music Week Independent Record Shop of the year, so must be doing something right!

SO we can expect a very good level of stock of everything. With your help, we can sift through those 500 odd titles, and make sure we order lots of what you are after!

When we have received your request, we will add the title to our buying list and make darn sure that there will be stock available in our store.

***A note on the pricing for Record Store Day – As many regulars know, we aim to offer the lowest prices and the highest standard of experience. We never mark our prices up; our standard margin is applied to all stock at all times of the year.

We want to attract new friends who support us regularly in the shop, the very reason that Record Store Day exists!

We’ll also have free gifts for EVERY person that queues, (We have been saving up all year) Ranging from Test Pressings & Promo’s to T-shirts, posters and key rings!

We’ve also asked our amazing label friends to donate a few special items. For this, we’ll hold a raffle where every person that purchases something, will be in with a chance to win something unique and desirable.

Every person that purchases a record store title will also get 10% off our regular stock that day. So, fill your boots.

We will also have a stage outside the shop, featuring some incredible live performances, along with a street market. We will talk about this separately, as it’s all too much tight? But, THE CASTLE ROAD RECORD STORE DAY CELEBRATION IS BACK! We can’t wait.

We’ll also continue to sell any stock left over from Sunday onward. So if you are busy Saturday, fear not!

Please continue to consult  for details of all official UK releases.

*Don’t be confused with the version, this is the U.S.A. release list, and they differ*

Also – listen to BBC 6 Music for updates and good times. They will be sponsoring the event this year. Thank goodness for that. Visit:

Record Store Day 2020 at Pie&Vinyl – Rules & Tips for Fun Times – *Please Read*

For those who are new to Record Store Day, and a recap for those who treat the annual celebration as a type of Birthday/Christmas/Wedding Day/birth of son and daughter all rolled in to one…please find some very important information on how we will roll on the big day.

Ok, we’ve called them rules but please see them as positives gestures, which helps everyone have a really great Record Store day! Read on for a few tips also…

P&V RSD RULES (Positive Gestures)

  • We will open our doors on the big day at 8am sharp (Maybe before if we can, but we can’t sell a thing until 8am). People are welcome to queue in an orderly fashion from approx. a week before then. We will close at 7pm on the day, and open on the Sunday at 11am so people can pick the bones.
  • First come first served. We really mean it. We adhere to RSD and ERA rulings, which state that we can’t reserve anything for anyone (Including animals and robots). Damn right too! What kind of cherished event would RECORD STORE DAY be if people could reserve records or buy online? You need to earn that LIMITED must have…this isn’t downloading, it doesn’t come easy, but the rewards are totally worth it and you will feel like a champion! You can however request what you are after and build a wish list, which will help us order the correct amount of stock. Just – with your requests 

Official List info HEREh

  • ONE COPY OF EACH OFFICIAL RSD RELEASE PER CUSTOMER. You can buy as many records as your bank manager allows, but please don’t try and purchase two or more of the same thing, as we will not sell them to you. This will mean everyone will have a chance to get what they want. From Sunday (the day after) The rules will be relaxed, any stock left and in any quantity will be up for grabs.
  • We’ll be letting 30 people into the store at any one time. It will be one in one out from then on. Although we are larger, we have to respect the people who have queued for hours and give them a fair crack at purchasing what they have nearly died for. We are a larger beast these days, but still small and perfectly formed. We don’t want to see any crushes/fistfights/passion for music being compromised. We will play it by ear as the day goes on, and as soon as we feel it is safe to let more punters in, we shall do. By putting the above rules into place, this will mean that everyone should be able to purchase at least something they desire at any point during the day. *For regular stock, please enter the other door as there will be no fixed limit.

*Please don’t be put off if you don’t fancy standing in a queue. This is why we employ the rules above, so that everyone gets a fair crack at buying what they want:)

Many people were still finding bits they wanted at in the afternoon last year. We want to make this as fair as possible and look after you regular customers as well as welcoming new ones*

There may be quite a few late additions, or titles you have heard are being released but not on the RSD list. Rest assured, if it’s an official RSD UK release, we will have a chance to stock it.

We are confident that we will receive large amounts of stock, and certainly as much as we are allowed to lay our furry paws on. But do remember, that some of these items are super limited (in some cases only 150 items for the whole country) so depending on total quantity available, we will get as much as we are sent.

To request any title – please e mail

See HERE for release list and P&V prices.


Remember, this is as much about the experience as it is the records! (Well, we try and make it so anyway…)

The first customers on the big day have usually earned the right, by queuing for quite some time. If there is something you really, really want – Plan to get there really, really early.

If you are going to queue, bring a good chair, some blankets and maybe some beer…

This may sound funny, but you get to meet some really like-minded souls, standing in line. There is a really special atmosphere and team spirit in the queue…and when that door opens, you won’t have felt excitement quite like it! Friends for life and a triumphant atmosphere all round!

We’ll be providing FREE Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and reading material throughout the night. We’ll also be running our quiz with prizes to entertain you!

Bring plenty of cash – there will be a cash only till in action on the day to help serve you as swiftly as possible.

Make sure you get to enjoy the street market and our incredible outdoor stage – more information HERE (announced soon)

Keep up to date by visiting and ‘liking’ our social pages, and sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know stuff.

FREE Breakfast for all queuers…

With all this no sleep, queuing lark – Rest assured, we want you fighting fit when you finally get to touch those promised pieces of shellac. You need to eat, to be strong to face the final hurdle…a Bowie 7’’ or the complete Vengaboys collection? We can’t have you going hungry now…

We’ll be offering all the classics, toast, pastry bakes, cereals, fruits, juices, tea, coffee – etc.etc. Imagine you are at the breakfast bar in Butlins.

You may even be served by a hilarious fancy dressed person, on roller skates, hoping to lift your morning blues.

Food and drinks will also be served throughout the day from our outside pie pop up stall, (look out for some delicious music-related pie specials) With beer available too.


See you soon!

Lots of Love, the P&V Referee x

The Pie&Vinyl Summer Time Record Sale 30% Off All Stock.

Sorry for announcing this sooo late, so we’ll keep it short.

We are having a record SALE this weekend only – from Friday 31st May at 10am until Sunday 2nd June at 5pm.

We are keeping it simple in the shop, and taking 30% off all LP’s, 10″, 7″s & Cassettes which includes all of our Record Store Day 2019 leftovers.

That’s all our stock then, EVERYTHING!

We’ll also include our selection of record players with this offer.

Simply select some bangers and we’ll take 30% off at till point.

*We have to exclude this weeks new releases (as that would be silly) and also some indies only titles*

Thanks for your support and see you at the weekend! #TREAT #THOSE #EARS

The Pie&Vinyl ORANGE DOT Sale – This Weekend Only!

We are pleased to launch our biggest ever sale, and this time we are doing things a bit differently.

For this weekend only, we are offering 20% off all Records including soundtracks, boxsets, 7″ and books. Also Merch and Hi-fi. Pretty much our entire stock!

Anything with a fat ‘Orange Dot’ stuck to it will qualify for this offer.

That means that literally everything in the racks is discounted, most merch items and all Hi-Fi separates too.

Did you get a new record player for Chrimbo? Need to spend that tenner your aunty gave to buy something sensible with? Fancy a good old fashioned impulse purchase? Judge a record by it’s cover? Boost your collection and taste pallet? Just realised they are still making vinyl – come see us!…We have CHEAP beautiful records going.

Come for a rummage, grab some bargains and treat your ears to start the year.

Sale Starts this Friday 25th January at 11am and finishes on Sunday 27th January at 5pm.

Record Adventurers gain priority access at 10:30am on Friday – To join our Record adventure, have a look HERE

Love team P&VS


London, March 25th 2020 – The music community are launching a high-profile, global initiative on Thursday of this week (26th March), to help independent record stores during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

With many of these stores now experiencing a catastrophic drop-off in footfall or having already closed their doors there are fears that some may not survive if something is not done urgently to stimulate sales.

With that in mind, many music companies have already pledged their support for this new campaign which has been named #loverecordstores.

Companies are coordinating ideas, resources and mobilizing the artists they represent to record messages of support for record stores that can be used across all forms of social media.

Musicians, artists, actors and celebrity music fans around the world are being asked to film short video clips of themselves talking about, for example: what independent record stores mean to them, where their favourite store is, what records and artists those stores have helped them discover and most importantly to encourage their fans to continue to shop online with their favourite stores wherever possible.

The Pie&Vinyl Start Your Ear Right HALF PRICE SALE!

Starting Friday at 11am and ending Sunday at 5pm.

Start the new year catching up on many great releases you may have missed, or find something NEW to soundtrack 2020.

We have fished out many GEMS, including INDIES only titles – ready for your ears to enjoy. Come for a DIG in those crates, and treat yourself – you deserve it!

Not sure what to buy? Then ASK US! – We would love to recommend some titles and artists. Come and tap us on the shoulder, and we will be happy to chat.

Record Adventurers gain priority access at 10:30am on Friday, and get an extra 10% off any sale records. To join our Record adventure Subscription Service, have a look HERE

Pie&Vinyl Albums Of The Year 2019

Phew, what a year! Whizzed by didn’t it? Great year for new music again, and boy did we need it.

This time, we thought we’d do things differently…for the very first time, we have committed to choosing our very favourite record released in 2019! Which is A.A. Bondy’s – Enderness. We highly reccommend you check it out. 

Also, we’ve listed our favourite gig, festival and ‘Dinked Edition. We’ve also listed all of the instore vents we’ve held this year, as well as some acts to look out for in 2020.

Rather than making definitive lists, we thought we ask some of our lovely regular customers what they thought, and mix those in with the staff choices.

As always, we choose 11 each (ten is too hard, right?) and this tear have included playlists for each choice!

hopefully, you can enjoy some new music, something you may have missed. Enjoy a read below! And as laways, thank you for your custom this year. We look forward to supplying and treating your ears and bellies in 2020. Merry Christmas! – P&V x