Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble has unveiled his new single ‘Like Caruso’, from his upcoming solo record. Check it out on NME first below, along with tour dates and our interview with Woomble.

Woomble’s fourth solo effort is due for release in September, and was written after Idlewild came off the road with their acclaimed 2015 album ‘Everything Ever Written‘. Inspired by Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen, the album’s lead single is ‘a tale of walking home down a dark road in rural Scotland contemplating love, fame, the world’s first global celebrity – Caruso’.

“I think it’s a good middle ground between a lot of different things,” Woomble says about ‘Like Caruso’. “It gets stark and down deep, then other times it gets quite playful and something like McCartney. There are always tunes there, I’m naturally drawn towards melodies – no matter how dark and weird it gets. Sometimes these kind of records rely more on atmosphere and intensity than memorable tunes. I think ‘Like Caruso’ is a bit of a rambler when it comes to lyrics. I’m into vagueness and things like that – taking subject matter and mixing it into another. Like symbolism mixed with something very ordinary.”

Speaking of how he came to write a solo album, Woomble told says: “I just came out with quite a lot of songs last year. Idlewild will definitely make another record, there’s no doubt about that – it just depends when. For the time being I found that I had all of these songs that just sit together and that I could do a good job of them on my own. My whole career has just been one thing leading into the other quite naturally. That’s where I find myself right now. I’ve just finished my fourth solo record.”

 Tracks: Look Back Like Leaving / To Feel Like A Fool / Jupiter / A Skull With A Teardrop / Like Caruso / First Love Is Never Returned / Remember To Breathe / I’ll Meet You By The Memorial / On N’a Plus De Temps / Any Old Kind Of World Will Do / Floating On A River