Love Castle Road Day! Pie&Vinyl mini (like the car) music festival 26th & 27th May

”What a lovely road that Castle Road is”….at one end Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle writing stories about obsessive detectives, and Peter Sellers born the other end – being funny, and acting like a detective.

In between, we have lot’s of lovely shops and things are starting to take shape…we like to think we have a ‘Lanes’ in Brighton kind of feel, and we want to show this off.

This coming Bank Holiday weekend – Sunday 26th & Monday 27th of May, the council have agreed to close Castle Road between 10am and 3pm to show your love for it…. There will be stalls, food, fun and of course a chance to visit all of the shops. This is where we come in…we will of course be looking after the music. (and pies).

We are delighted to announce that on both day’s, we will be curating a couple of special acts for your enjoyment. Pie&Vinyl Records sons ‘The B of The Bang’, The incredibly incredible ‘Retrospective Soundtrack players’ and wait for it……‘The Day of The Rabblement’ – who on the day will launch their stunbeautiful début album ‘Night time Rallies’ in conjunction with Pie&Vinyl on Psychedelia records.

The ‘Rabblement’ (who officially release their new album on Monday 27th of May) will play live for your enjoyment that day. You can also purchase the new album exclusively from Pie&Vinyl, along with The B of the Bangs second album ‘Tremors and nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady’ on vinyl. In fact, all of the acts recorded music will be available to purchase.

Both days are entirely free to attend and enjoy –  these incredible acts with the sunniest souls will give you the best bank holiday in living memory.

More announcements soon, but certainly enough there to wet thee appetite’..put it in your diary with a massive thick black pen.

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