Introducing…THE PIE HOLE at Southseafest 2014! Eat at The Wedge with us…

Alas ”no”, cosmic wanderers THE PIE HOLE is not a band…it’s simply a great way to get to consume some quality food at Southseafest this coming Saturday!

The days of wandering around trying to decide where to eat, whilst missing some vital live music have gone!

If you venture in to the Wedgewood rooms this Saturday, you will find an emergency ‘Pie Hole station’.

Pie&Vinyl will be selling pies to keep your ears and mind nourished, whilst you stand, watch and listen to some most excellent live music…

Yum! Strum…

We’ll be serving hot pie all day long as soon as the venue is open for band business.

So when you’ve maybe had a few too too many drinks-a-poos, you know where to come and prep yourself for the evening session without missing a beat!

Enjoy:) – P&V




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