RECORD STORE DAY 2014 at PIE&VINYL!!! artists performing throughout the day, and curious on Castle Road

For those who are new to record store day, and a recap for those who treat the annual celebration as a type of Birthday/Christmas all rolled in to one…here is some very important information on how we will roll on the big day.


  1. We will open our doors on the big day at 8am sharp. People are welcome to queue in an orderly fashion from approx a week before then.
  2. First come first served. We really mean it. We adhere to RSD and ERA rulings, which state that we can’t reserve anything for anyone (Including animals and robots). Damn right too! What kind of cherished event would RECORD STORE DAY be if people could reserve records? You need to earn that LIMITED must have…this isn’t downloading, it doesn’t come easy but the rewards are totally worth it and you will feel like a champion!
  3. ONE COPY OF EACH OFFICIAL RSD RELEASE PER CUSTOMER. You can buy as many records as your bank manager allows, but please don’t try and purchase two or more of the same thing, as we will not sell them to you. This will mean everyone will have a chance to get what they want
  4. We’ll be letting 25 people in to the store at a time. Although we are larger, we have to respect the people who have queued for hours and give them a fair crack at purchasing what they have nearly died for. We are a larger beast these days, but still small and perfectly formed. We don’t want to see any crushes/fist fights/passion for music being compromised. We will play it by ear as the day goes on, and as soon as we feel it is safe to let more punters in, we shall do.

With all this no sleep, queuing lark – Rest assured, we want you fighting fit when you finally get to those perfect pieces. We’ll be looking after the early birds and offering pies and drinks for you to consume while you wait. We’ll even take your order and bring it out to you. Food will also be served throughout the day in our special waterproof takeaway boxes. You need to eat, to be strong to face the final hurdle…a Bowie 7’’ or Cliff Richard complete collection? We can’t have you going hungry now.

Don’t be put off if you can’t face standing in a queue. Many people were still finding bits they wanted at mid day/early afternoon last year. We will have good stock of everything we can lay our furry paws on. This is why we employ the one RSD item per person– this will insure everyone gets something they were after.


  • The first customer was in the queue last year at 3.30am, so if there is something you really, really, really want – Plan to get there early. This may sound funny, but you get to meet some really great like minded souls, standing in line. There was a really special atmosphere and team spirit last year…and when that door opens, you won’t have felt excitement quite like it!
  • Bring plenty of cash – there will be a cash only till in action on the day to help serve you as swiftly as possible. It will also be handy for purchasing a few teas/drinks and some hot food for those queuing (we can’t take card transactions under £5).

We will soon announce exactly what will be available in store on the big day, but expect a very good level of stock for all of the top releases and must haves, with nearly everything on the list being represented.

Please continue to consult* for details of all official UK releases.

*(Don’t be confused with the version, this is the U.S.A. release list, and they differ)

Above all, enjoy this fantastic event and please remember – Record stores are for life, and can be visited every day of the week…not just record store day! P&V

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