PILL & Barbudo @ The Grave Maiden – Friday 28th October at 8pm. FREE ENTRY (incredible scenes)

Pie&Vinyl in store outside…

PILL & Barbudo @ The Grave Maiden – Friday 28th October at 8pm. FREE ENTRY (incredible scenes)

We have a REAL Horror show for you! We are delighted to announce our latest instore OUTSIDE at the Grave Maiden. (See what we did there)

On the Mexican Summer label, and recently supporting Parquet Courts all over Europe, we bring you the band PILL from Brooklyn, NYC.

They will be ably supported on the night by new band BARBUDO.

All of this for and free entryJ

The show will take place upstairs at the Maiden, and the capacity will be a tight 65 people. First come first let in.

To gain priority entry (you will be guaranteed entry, before anyone else – we simply send you an e mail explaining how you do this) – reserve a copy of the new record for collection on the night. They will even sign it for you, and it’s a special listen. We’ve even made the price as LOW as can be, because we want you to listen to it £13.99 – LP&DL Code.


The reason this isn’t happening in the shop, Let us explain…

We would never want to compromise a band’s sound and if they weren’t happy to strip sound back, then neither are we. But just how can we let their psychedelic wall of sound be free without our lovely neighbours down the road wanting to kill us?

At a venue that’s slightly better equipped to deal with NOISE and BODIES, somewhere we really like and therefore we hope our customers really like. And to make up for lack of pie, somewhere you can have an amazing beer – Hi There THE WAVE MAIDEN.


This show is in association with 101 Reykjavik and Southsea Sound.


Look out for the FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1790259687896418/ and more details on the bands below!




Convenience skids like a garbage truck with no brakes, barreling through passages of guitar chording bent at the wrong angles and ring-modded riffs aligning with Benjamin Jaffe’s expressive sax before splitting apart into chaos. Veronica Torres assumes double-duty between vocals and bass, while Jon Campolo plays three instruments in the live setting and Andrew Spaulding four, including circuit-bent noise rigs of their own invention. Veronica’s words are delivered with the speed and frenzy of someone with their life on the line, but she’s also able to slow things down in a gesture of dominance, confidence, and trust. This band is wise enough to know that safety is fleeting, so they take their digs when and where they can.


Given Pill’s backgrounds, their music advances a notion of what the punk spirit of NYC might be: the capture and distillation of the energy and friction that comes from living amongst so many people in such a confined space. The idea seeds in free jazz and improvisation; reached adolescence in galleries and loft spaces in the ‘70s; found politics in squats and independent spaces; and it grows stronger the more these several sensibilities are practiced ands stewed. Call them No wave, post-punk, noise; they are immune, content to head off in a direction of their own design.

Have a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/mexicansummer/pill-fetish-queen



BARBUDO have been playing shows and parties around London and the south for over a year now. The core of the band are two brothers: Ben & Harry Stanworth, who write, record and share vocal duties, joined by Elliot on bass and Tom on drums for their live sets. All songs are written and recorded at their home, which also serves as a performance space for impromptu house parties and gigs. BARBUDO all possess impressive manes, so it makes it particularly apt that their debut EP, entitled ‘BARBUDO EP’, has been released on London-based DIY label Hairy Recordings.

Like the mesmerizing cover artwork on their debut EP, BARBUDO’s sound is warm, inviting and seductive. The centrepiece is undoubtedly the gorgeous vocal harmonies of the Stanworth brothers, their plush voices embellishing sumptuous vocal hooks that Kevin Parker could only dream of. Added to this, each track is a delectable nugget of pop nous, painstakingly crafted so that no aspect is superfluous or detracts from the song’s impact. The music manages to be punchy whilst possessing a distinctly ‘underwater’ feel. In part, this is due to the band’s signature warbled and jangly guitars and a preference for vintage equipment to create a widescreen, textured sound. Few artists can combine such complete musical vision with this level of self-assured songwriting, especially when self-produced. As such, BARBUDO is front-room pop at its finest- laid back and sensual, yet instantly memorable.

Have a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/autillobarbudo

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