Pie&Vinyl Presents Southsea Showcase at The Ventnor Fringe

Part of the Ventnor Fringe – Book online:)

SPAFF TITS – https://soundcloud.com/search?q=SPAFF+TITS

BATTERY HENS – https://soundcloud.com/battery-hens

JESSE WYLDES AND THE STALLIONS – https://soundcloud.com/jesse-wyldes

*Rad poster design coming soon*

Pie&Vinyl presents a palette board of the latest noises that are evolving on the record label, and a taster of the Southsea music scene – three bands that sum up the current sounds of Ventnor’s neighbouring island village, in a one off special gig in the underground vaults.

‘Pie&Vinyl records’ is the latest limb to appear on the ever evolving human body of Pie&Vinyl – a record shop that sells pie and mash.

It’s a beautiful creation of old, new and middle aged clone of things that people used to love in the futuristic ‘g-olden’ days. A charming androgyny that has an impeccable attention to past and present tense. When we spliced the genre’s of old and new – we created something that sat gracefully in the middle of time.

Who were we to realise that through mixing fashions, we created passions…Suddenly ‘Pie&Vinyl presents’ appeared, as we fed the people’s senses well. We started to promote some shows; working with exciting new artists that we felt represented the rhythm in our head. Now, we awake to find we have another visual…Pie&Vinyl records…the most natural evolution of our sensual beast.

‘Pie&Vinyl records’ is acutely aware that you can’t fully enjoy the beauty of something until you connect and share. We want to share and connect with you. We can then revel in the beauty intertwined together.

120mins / 16 / Steps into venue

Stage Times:


Venue closes at 9:00PM

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