Pie&Vinyl presents… BO NINGEN plus support DEAF CLUB

Pie&Vinyl presents are delighted to announce Bo Ningen as headliners for our ‘presents’ showcase night on Friday 10th May.

We are delighted to welcome our good friends back to the city they love, in order to treat our side flesh flap panels and internal organs to a much needed work out.

Watch in amazement as both ears and (left eye) will literally don sweat bands, a vest and tracksuit, and begin to ‘work out’ (before your very right eye). You will then receive great benefits to your human brain, as they visually and orally spellbind you with noisey ‘psychedelic’ sounds and pictures.

it means to them that they ”stand quietly / loudly in the middle of interzone and stare at both sides at once.”

Let’s cut the crap – you need to be there.

Check this:


More details to follow soon….




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