Pie&Vinyl and Strong Island Recordings team up to curate a stage at the Alternative Escape in Brighton

Great Escapees!! Pie & Vinyl & Strong Island Recordings have teamed up together and are heading over to Brighton to host a showcase for the first time ever with some glorious acts we love and taking over one of our favourite venues being Bleach. Entry is totally free with a Great Escape wristband and it’s a mere small charge of £4 without a wristband. (This charge is to help us recoup costs and pay the venue etc)

So the reason you’re all here then, the line up…

More info to come…or join us for regular updates HERE:




From his debut EP on Italian Beach Babes to the riff riot that was the Heavy Sunn EP on Hate Hate Hate Records, the fuzz don Theo Verney has been tearing up s**t for a little while with his heavy doom ridden psych meets garage and grunge rock. Theo’s latest effort, Mountain Rose from the forthcoming Brain Disease EP showcases a more refined Theo Verney which is also an absolute banger than is sure to be a pint spiller come live shows. If you leave a Theo Verney show without feeling like you’ve just taken a piledriver to the neck, you were probably just at the wrong show.


Winchester’s Wild Smiles create infectious garage meets shoegaze meets grunge meets surf pop. Starting out as a one man project, the trio then released their debut single on Geoff Barrow’s Invada and went on to sign for seminal label Sunday Best releasing their rather excellent debut album ‘Always Tomorrow’ in the final quarter of last year.

Man Made

Mancunian outfit Man Made started as the project of Nile Marr. You probably recognise that second name, right? Man Made though are making their own mark with scuzzed out indie meets jangly post-punk coated in brain melting, grunge tinted basslines. The trio look set to dominate the coming summer festival circuit. Their promise is evident on their catchy singles so far such as ‘Carsick Cars’ and ‘TV Broke My Brain’.


Doom laden psych meets grunge pop trio Gang are one of the most exciting new bands in the UK today. Blistering, primal riffs, wailing vocals and oozing fuzz, Gang are a tidal wave of beautiful sludge. Underneath the ferocious fuzz and sheer intensity though of Gang lays some excellent sounding pop gems. With two EP’s released over the last year on Strong Island Recordings and the excellently named Sexx Tapes, the trio have since gone onto much deserved praise from the likes of DIY & Rock Feedback. Get down and get gnarly to Gang.


Morning Smoke create a wonderful beautiful, whirling racket. Flirting across various genre boundaries from visceral shoegaze, grunge to scuzzed out post-punk Morning Smoke are one tough band to pigeon hole which is always a great thing, indeed. It’s like Slowdive, MBV & also contemporary bands like DIIV & Eagulls rolled into one.


NME labelled Curxes “ Batshit ADHD electropop” which we can’t really disagree with. Frenetic blitz-pop meets immensely atmospheric post punk, Curxes return to their second home of Brighton soon after the release of their debut album ‘Verxes’ out on the 4th May on Strong Island Recordings and are sure to bring the house down with them.


Portsmouth/Bristol based duo Rickyfitts are quite simply going to be one of the best (and LOUDEST!!) live bands you’re likely to find across The Great Escape weekend. Thrashy, grunge meets explosive hardcore punk, Rickyfitts are going to melt faces with a cauldron of fuzz. Despite still being a “new band”, Rickyfitts already have a few releases on both Pie & Vinyl and Strong Island Recordings. One thing you should expect post Rickyfitts is tinnitus.


Melt Dunes are a journey into the darkest netherworld of the psychedelic realm. Brooding guitars and synths, distorted fuzz, and tortured wailing vocals,newest signings to Strong Island Recordings, doom laden psych meets garage rock outfit,Melt Dunes are the soundtrack to your nightmares. Their debut single drops in May on the Portsmouth label which has released the likes of Arrows of Love, Gang, Violet Swells & Boneyards.


Creating eccentric eighties synth-pop, one man Gosport native Sacha is the newest addition to the Pie & Vinyl roster. It’s luscious, left-field pop that is the soundtrack to a late summers night. Sacha’s debut EP was released early 2015 on Pie & Vinyl via cassette and digital download.


Pie & Vinyl’s The Boy I Used to Be create sun drenched, joyous garage pop meets psych folk in the vein of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kurt Vile and earlier Cloud Nothings. It’s full on-fi fun by the now trio that started as a one man bedroom project only in late 2013 and has already seen two EP releases on Pie & Vinyl Records and a release on a compilation on Strong Island Recordings alongside the likes of Tyrannosaurus Dead, Yoofs, The Red Cords, Dead Rabbits & Boneyards.

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