Pie&Vinyl and friends presents GLAND ROCK! Christmas Party, in aid of the ‘Feel Yourself’ campaign

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So, the story goes….we wanted to throw our second Christmas party, and similar to last year we wanted to put some TOP of the TOPERMOST bands on. It turns out that a few of our most audacious Southsea colleagues also thought about this.
We decided to collaborate, and throw an all day event to raise money for Charity…we each took booking responsibility for 6 bands, so we will have a healthy pool of 18 bands on the day…so without further a do….
Pie & Vinyl with esteemed friends Beach Community, Champagne Justice! and Strong Island Recordings present:
GLAND ROCK!In support of Feel Yourself Campaign – http://www.feelyourselfcampaign.org/Lordy! Some of the south’s finest music-related purveyors, purporters and proprietors bring you a Christmas bonanza of music, food, booze and all round festive entertainment in support of local cancer awareness charity, Feel Yourself Campaign. A charity that is very close to many of our hearts and one which is doing an incredible job of actively promoting cancer awareness across the UK.Tickets will be on sale soon at the ridiculously generous price of £10. We will notify you as soon as they are available. Furthermore, all profits raised on the day will go to Feel Yourself Campaign. WOOP! WOOP!We are proud to announce the following bands (in no particular order), with more acts TBA very soon:///Esben and the Witch [Matador Records]///NME have hailed them as ‘ones to watch’, while Fake DIY describe EATW as ‘Haunting, cleverly eerie, they dub their sound “nightmare pop”…It’s hard to comprehend, dark pop’.
Comparisons have been made to Portishead and Radiohead, Siouxsie Sioux and PJ Harvey. Yet, despite these favourable comparisons, EATW are a unique blend unto themselves, straying into their own dark territory of precisely crafted, sublime mystery.

Having just completed their most recent UK tour alongside Thought Forms and Teeth of the Sea, EATW have been casting spells over audiences. An aural slight of hand, if you will, that encapsulates the listener into a warm, dark bubble of wonder.


///Wild Smiles [Invada Records]///

Wild Smiles first graced Southsea in February earlier this year at this very venue. Since then they have been thrust into a giddy stratosphere, supporting the likes of The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park and wowing Green Man Festival attendees with their supped-up psychedelic surf sound.

Akin to the likes of Ty Segall and White Fence, The Troggs, not to mention Wavves, Wild Smiles are a fuzzy psychedelic blast. So much so that Geoff Barrow decided to sign them to his Invada Records label on the strength of their debut recordings.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amPzLMSlrik – ‘Take Me Away’ – Recently featured on Made In Chelsea, no less!

///Traams [Fat Cat Records]///

From the small surroundings of Chichester, Traams launched themselves into the stratosphere. Their incredible fusion of noisy krautrock, awkward indie and driving post-punk then propelled them onto the formidable Fat Cat Records roster.

Their debut LP ‘Grin’ – produced by former Test Icicle Rory Atwell and MJ of Hookworms – has been notching up high praise from the likes of Spin, Drowned In Sound, This is Fake DIY, The 405 and more for its joyous variety. Echoes of Pavement, Women, Television and Modest Mouse can be heard but Traams, like their contemporaries Parquet Courts, are distinctly their own band.

Traams are a proposition not to be missed. Catch ‘em while you can, these gentlemen are moving up hard and fast.


///Halo Halo [Upset The Rhythm Records]///

Yes, so Halo Halo concoct a sound based on an exotic Filipino desert you ask? Well, there’s a bit more to them than that, ladies and gentlemen. Halo Halo say: ‘We are a MULTI-COLOURED PUDDING! And a dance-sinawi-pop-trio from London.’ By golly, they are that and more. Halo Halo are fast making a name for themselves from their wonderfully conjured blend colourful sonic styles.

Gigs In Paris had this to say of Halo Halo’s support of Marnie Stern recently: ‘this slightly green South London trio summons the best of the K Records catalog, the off-kilter feminist art punk of The Raincoats, and an infusion of Asian ritual dance music, all in a colorful mélange that goes down easy, not unlike their namesake.’

We are delighted to welcome to joyous Halo Halo to Gland Rock!


///The Hundredth Anniversary///

Brighton four-piece The Hundredth Anniversary form blissful music that weaves a way into your very bones. The Hundredth Anniversary have a style that is warmly cushioning in its aural effervescence, yet simultaneously brings an unerring feeling to the table, one that suggests deeper patterns of thought at play. Terms like ‘haunting’ are bandied about rather often, but there are few better words to describe a band that carries such a depth of emotion.
‘The Hundredth Anniversary (THA) are a Brighton four-piece. Despite only celebrating their one year anniversary in January this year, THA have played The Great Escape, supported Wolf Alice and Traams and released a limited run of their enigmatic yet emphatic 7” single, ‘The Jump.’ THA make noise-pop using ethereal vocals contrasted with heavy percussion and shimmering guitars.’ – Boon Magazine.


///Blood Sport [Hybrid Vigour Records ]///

Blood Sport are a bit bloody exciting. They carry and intensely technical post-punk sound, yet never reach too far into the void as to alienate and draft one away from dancing to their ingenious sound.

Self-proclaimed pushers of ‘aggrobeat’, Blood Sport have been garnering some extremely impressive responses from the media and audiences alike, with The 405 lauding their latest LP as ‘one of the most head-turning albums of the year’ and Artrocker noting: ‘Take 2 parts pure, undiluted insanity, 1 part ring modulator effects and a rock solid groove, and you’re pretty much there.’ High praise indeed and some of the many reasons we’re so excited to have Blood Sport back in Portsmouth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zBL1_WznlTE – ‘Clasp My Hand (Percolator)’

///You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons [Cardinal Fuzz]///

What can you say about Demons? They push your brain and body to the very limit, they have been destroying audiences for the past 10 years with a heady mix of pyschedelia, doom and rock ‘n’ roll panache! They see only through the third eye and exist only on a higher plane! If you are not a fan already, you soon will be.

Having played alongside the likes of Bo Ningen, Bilge Pump, Dead Meadow, Hey Colossus, The MC5, Part Chimp and a shedload more incredible acts, the Demons are legends in the British underground and are about to unleash some new material at you very shortly, too.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CheY90WxdNI – Nervous/Alive
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY2HTb8GvEE – Look Into The Light

///BLACKHOods [Not Not Fun]///
If you believe their ‘tags’ – ‘alternative deep ocean late night vibes psych slow-jam’ – you’ll be in for a treat. If you’re a doubting Thomas, or any other kind of naysayer, then let us clarify. These are not just tags, this is the real deal. A fruit punch concoction to knock your nether regions into a steady throb, BLACKHOods are something else. Something near-unfeasible . Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something kind of blue. Something silver in your dancing shoes. Come and witness the improbable become near palpable, almost tangible and yet a near mirage. Come and witness BLACKHOods.


///Is Bliss [Strong Island Recordings]///

One of the south coast’s finest and most exciting new bands, Is Bliss are here to pound your ears into submission, while lulling you into a warped bath of nirvana. Is Bliss mix some of the finest elements of grunge and shoegaze, they play loud and fully justify the MBV comparisons. Having recently returned to being a four piece, they have now further cemented the incredible walls of sound set deep in sensual oscillation.



Roberta Fidora & Macaulay Hopwood are a decorative set of bones, channelling the ghosts of discotheques past. Dramatic, chilling and emotional is the electronic noir sound that Curxes bring forth. Minor keys and chromatic chord structures dominate as Fidora’s haunting, powerful vocals melt over stabbing synths and a stark percussive framework, laced with Hopwood’s nouvelle vague bass and six string sensibilities.

This unique, twilight sound is dramatic doom pop at its best. Something further confirmed by their relentlessly exciting remix of CHVRCHES ‘Recover’, which arguably trumps the original. Curxes bring a uniquely sumptuous mix of styles together into an astonishingly driven force of eventide wonder.


///Shudder Pulps [Faux Discx]///

Shudder Pulps are 3 human men who use a guitar, a bass and drums to make music. Although physically rooted in London and Brighton, they’re perhaps more musically rooted to American underground and garage rock. They are inspired by overlooked cult bands Country Teasers and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

Shudder Pulps joyously clatter around their songs, pulling in elements of 90s slacker indie and post punk to make an exhilarating noise. Their sound focuses on repetition and build ups, with echo-ey vocals and jagged guitars, they have recently been described as “an energetic little bunch churning out C86 like blasts of good-feeling rock-pop by the bucket load.”

Shudder Pulps rule OK.


///Yoofs [Strong Island Recordings]///

Bournemouth-bred Yoofs recently played Southsea Feast this year. They came, they saw, they conquered. Gin-soaked and ready to roll, Yoofs illuminate the stage with swathes of gloriously breezy dream-pop.


///Witching Waves///

Witching Waves are a fiercely moody two-piece that demand your attention. There’s a danger to their sound that is locked inside a distinctly British lo-fi indie-rock sound. Not unlike Blood Red Shoes, but arguably moodier, blunter and ready to take you down a back alley…only to whisper that you’re not worth it.


///Red Cords///

Dynamite garage-punk meets lo-fi grunge in a popular surf-shack’s washing machine. To carry such a vocal drawl over such dynamic, spritely and often pounding riffs then to splash out the harmonies is not just an achievement, it’s a joy to behold. Red Cords are snappy, slap-to-the-face garage punks who will wipe you off the dance floor, grinning, and then sweep you right back up again. HOT. DAMN. If The Black Lips had come from Falmouth then you’d be approaching the sound of Red Cords.


///Che Ga Zebra///

‘Rising from the dust of a dirty Sheffield basement is Che Ga Zebra’s latest enigma, ‘What Girls Want’. Part farce, part tragedy, ‘What Girls Want’ casts the shadows of drugs, crime, and climate change against a distorted landscape of drones, drum noodling and fun riffs.

Bien and Chuckles met after a fight was broken up by Chuckles’ nanna in the street. Chuckles felt a sense of embarrassment, but Bien looked into his soul and let him know he was the progeny of a noble spirit. Their shared telepathy remained ever since, and these days it manifests itself on the stage, where their punk rock shows are frequently interrupted by psychedelic free jazz wig outs. They are engaging in something deeply personal during these moments, and they don’t mind if you leave the room to get some fresh air for a second or two.’


///Dead Rabbits [Fuzz Club Records///

Crossing the boundaries between shoegaze, psychedelia and rock ‘n’ roll, Southampton’s Dead Rabbits are a sonic assault. 6 EPs on Flower Power and an album on Fuzz Club separates them from just about everything else. With a live show to back it up, playing support to bands like The Warlocks, Band Of Skulls and Yuck. Dead Rabbits are a must see.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0sCtubr5aM – ‘Heavenly Way’


Portsmouth based Rickyfitts are a two-piece punk/psych/thrash/sludge band. Rickyfitts are a law unto themselves.

Self-proclaimed punks, but with a far more expansive sound than that might let on, Rickyfitts are an explosion of bizarro lo-fi distortion, HEAVY riffs and Albini-esque anger. It’s like the late 80s and early 90s spat out a puddle of primordial goo and blasted a shedload of voltage through it. Not to be missed.


As mentioned, there are more bands TBA very shortly, so keep your eyes and ears peeled and spread the word.!

Here is some information about who we are supporting:

‘The campaign was started by Maddie Wallace while she being treated for breast cancer. With no family history and no previous health problems, Maddie never bothered to check herself for lumps. Then one day she bumped into a friend – also a younger woman – who had just undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer, and that friend reminded Maddie how important it is to check yourself regularly. That probably saved her life..

Feel Yourself Campaign aims to promote awareness in younger men and women about the importance of checking for breast and testicular cancer. Both of these types of cancer are on the increase and catching them early is the key to successful treatment. Setting a reminder on your phone for a weekly check of your assets should not only be an essential part of your beauty or health regime, it could also save your life!’

Beach Community, Champagne Justice!, Southsea’s Pie and Vinyl and Strong Island Recordings will also be bringing you food, prizes and other assorted Christmas’y delights. We will be updating all of this further very soon, so watch this space.

1-5 Duncan Road, PO5 2QT Portsmouth


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