Pie&Film Halloween special…showing ‘BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO’ on Halloween night…


Yes, we have given in to the ever expanding seasonal celebration of darkness known as (in American accent ”Halloween”) by using our monthly Pie&Film showing to treat your eyes, ears and belly.

We will be showing, the exceptional and relevant horror film, about horror soundtracks ”BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO”.

Berberian Sound Studio is the second feature film by British director and screenwriter Peter Strickland. The film, starring Toby Jones, is a psychological thriller set in a 1970s Italian horror film studio.

It also features the incredible soundtrack, and last official piece of work by the superb alternative band ‘Broadcast’.

If you’ve yet to see this one, it’s a pretty amazing film and is sure to leave you feeling lost/confused/scared/psychedelically damaged/cold/bold/entertained/enter drained/fun/happy/shocked/boo.

We are showing the film for free, but to book your seat you just need to order a Pie and mash meal and a bag of pop! Horrorcorn for £8.50 a head.

We’ll be offering some Halloween specials on the night, just choose between these frighteningly good pies served with the works and a choice of Gravy or Liquor:

Halloween Heat – Spicy Pumpkin Pie (v)

Moo & Boo! – Steak and scary Stilton

Chicken and Shriek Pie – Chicken and Leek

Wildgloom & Asparagus (v) – Mushroom and Asparagus

We’ll also be selling our range of Very special horror related drinks both hot and cold.


To book your reservation, just select your pie choice from the above. With your choice handy, email contact@pieandvinyl.co.uk. to book your seat of terror.

We ask you to come to the store at 6:30pm to collect and pay for your food, choose any extra’s and then be shown to your seat. We will show the film at approx 7:00pm when everyone is seated.

We will also be stocking the most excellent soundtrack by the band ‘Broadcast’ – one of the very best records of last year. BUY IT.

Check the trailer for the film below.

See you there to scare!





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