Pie&Film Christmas Special showing – CHRISTMAS ON MARS by The Flaming Lips

” To celebrate the seasons good tides, we are celebrating good vibes with a special seasonal edition of Pie&Film!

On Sunday, November 30th at 7pm – we will be getting in the mood for Christmas 2014 by showing a festive film.

All hail THE FLAMING LIPS and Santa this Christmas as they combine hi-tech visual effects, and a story from another world…CHRISTMAS ON MARS.

Christmas on Mars is a science fiction film from the alternative rock band The Flaming Lips, written and directed by the band’s frontman, Wayne Coyne and featuring the entire band in the cast, as well as many of their associates, including Steve BurnsAdam Goldberg, and Fred Armisen.

It also features the incredible soundtrack. Yum.

If you’ve ever wondfered if Santa brings gifts (to children who are good) and on another planet, then this film is for you.

Come and join us as we celebrate a FLAMING LIPS style psychodelic Christmas.

We are showing the film for free, but to book your seat you just need to order a Pie and mash meal and a bag of festive mars looking popcorn for £8.50 a head.

For the foods, we’lll be offering festive specials on the night. Choose between these delcious hot Christmas edition pies served with the works and a choice of Gravy or Liquor:


Mistlemoo – British Beef Steak, Free Range British Prosciutto, Long Clawson Stilton & Chestnuts in a rich red wine and port sauce.


Merry Berry – Free Range British Turkey  and bacon with roast parsnips, sherry, red wine and cranberries.


Christingle – Made with cheddar cheese and honey roast parsnips with leeks and chestnuts (v)


Deer Santa – British Venison cooked in red wine with free range british bacon and puy lentils.


Fairytale in New Pork – British pork with roasted winter fruit in a port gravy.


We’ll also be selling our range of Very special warm corials and hot drinks and seasonal desserts.

To book your reservation, just select your pie choice from the above. With your choice handy, email contact@pieandvinyl.co.uk. to book your cosy seat.

We ask you to come to the store at 6:30pm to collect and pay for your food, choose any extra’s and then be shown to your seat.

We will show the film at approx 7:00pm when everyone is seated.

Check the trailer for the film below.

Merry Christmas from the red planetX ”


christmas on mars


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