Paul Armfield – Live in store

Paul Armfield – Live in store, (Free Entry – Sunday 23rd February at 4pm)

As if our first February In store performance wasn’t enough…Pie&Vinyl are extremely proud to announce and welcome the majestic PAUL ARMFIELD…He’s from the Island of Wight and sounds as beautiful as the isle does on a pure summers eve… his voice being compared to the likes of Cat Stevens and Nick Drake and the music being described as Folk Noir. A big fan of Scott Walker, Paul was likewise applauded for his renditions of Jacques Brel chansons as well as his own lovelorn, poetic songs. Occasionally he’ll appear on other releases, most recently you can hear his double bass playing on the best-selling Michael Kiwanuka single I’m Getting Ready.

The performance will begin at 4pm sharp, with doors opening at approx 3:50pm..We will close the shop at 3:30pm to prepare.

Pies and Records will of course be for sale as well as Paul’s new album ‘Up-Here’, so if you haven’t picked it up yet – now may be a good chance to get a signed copy:)

Yes, of course it’s free entry you ruddy legends, and we have more room for you sardines! Come and check the new spacious space and intimate atmosphere at an exclusive in store performance … Entry will be on a first come, first let in basis.

Lot’s more interesting facts about Paul Armfield  below…see you soon for another great show!



With his new album ‘Up Here’ Paul has returned to the scale and ambition of his debut album but with an added confidence and verve. For those familiar with his work there are still equal measures of Americana, French Chansons and English Folk, but there are new sounds from farther afield, with his familiar array of acoustic instrumentation (accordion, double bass, guitar, piano, mandolin) being supplemented with kora, hammer dulcimer, sitar, charanga and oud. Lyrically too Paul is furthering his reach with a playfulness and a joy of language that paints a music of its own. The imagery is familiar, with regular references to birds, church bells, trees, clouds and, of course, the sea, this is an album firmly situated on the Isle of Wight, but with an eye elsewhere, the song ‘Migration’ is Paul expressing his yearning to flee petty British bureaucracy, whilst the title-track sees Paul floating off higher and higher out into the cosmos to get a better view of life.

Paul describes ‘Up Here’ as ‘the high point of middle age, the peak, the summit you can straddle looking down one side on youth with old age and death on the other. It’s a unique perspective and one which I enjoy’.

And all life is here, from adolescent love ‘The First’, ‘This Photograph Is My Proof’, to domestic crises ‘You Will Be Loved Again’, ‘The Morning After The Storm’, to mature contentment ‘Dust, Rust, Trust’, ‘The Bell-Ringer’s Hands’, ‘Passed’. A life that passes at ‘The Speed of Clouds’, seemingly slow moving but gone in an instant.

On stage Paul is an imposing figure, a big man dancing with a double bass, or dwarfing his guitar, but his voice and demeanour display a calmness and gentleness that draws you instantly into his confidence. This new album is similarly reassuring, shining fresh light on dark places. To quote from ‘The First’, Paul Armfield is ‘The one you trust to guide you out to sea’.


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