We are delighted to welcome the wonders ESBEN & THE WITCH to our shores, for an exclusive in store performance.

The sweet three piece release their new album on Monday 8th September, which has already received some outstanding press.

Released on the bands brand new record label, Nostromo Records – after their performance, what a perfect chance to pick up a coloured copy, signed by the band with a freshly blown mind!

Recorded by the wizard with the mic’s – the ear lord, Steve Albini at his Chicago studio Electrical Audio – Esben & The /Witch have tinkered with their sound with great results…

Come and see for yourself with our FREE  to attend in store performance at 7pm, on Tuesday 9th September.

We will close the store at 6pm to prepare.

We will have the new album for sale on the night, along with pies and drinks to accompany this most excellent live show.

The album is also available on Click&Collect now!

More on the band below…enjoy:) – P&V




The record, their third album, following last year’s Wash The Sins Not Only The Face, and their second release of 2014 after a split with Thought Forms in April, marks something of a change of tact for the band. For starters, it’s coming out via the band’s own new imprint, Nostromo Records, following an amicable split with their previous label Matador. It’s also been recorded by the well-worn, expert hands of Steve Albini, no less, at his Chicago studio Electrical Audio following a successful Pledge Music campaign earlier this year. Most significantly, it sees the band stripping back their sound and taking out a lot of the electronic matter, instead forging even more expansive songs (the album’s centrepiece is the near-15-minute ‘The Jungle’) in raw, more live-feeling sonics. ‘Blood Teachings’ is a good case in point, with its Swans-esque heaving repetition providing a soundbed over which Rachel Davies unfurls a mesmeric vocal, not dissimilar to former Albini collaborator PJ Harvey, building to a razing, fuzzed crescendo.

Say the band: “We wanted to create a record that had a level of purity to it. To strip away the layers and loops and see what lay beneath. To keep things naked, unadorned and raw. The three of us, in a room, making noise. We looked to create a more primal record, full of human emotion and sonic intensity. Drawing on themes of endurance, strength, determination and self-actualisation. Themes that have always inspired us but perhaps, only now, a few years down the line, a few years of touring under our belts, we feel we have the confidence and maturity to explore and shout about.” They’ll be debuting the new material live shortly after the album’s release, playing Oslo in London on September 4.


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