Cassette Store Day 2019 at Pie&Vinyl

Cassette Store Day returns for its seventh year on 12 October 2019! The annual event which celebrates the beloved rectangular format is run by three record labels independently: Blak Hand Records (UK) Burger Records (USA) and Side-B Creations (JP). 

Founded in London by a group of labels in 2013, Cassette Store Day saw a thriving demand and to the surprise of its founders has grown into a highly anticipated event happening all around the world in places like China, France, Indonesia, Australia, Hungary and Canada. 

Cassette Store Day has had releases over its short history from the likes of The White Stripes, Green Day, Ramones, The Flaming Lips, Courtney Barnett and Motörhead. “Over the last year the growth of cassettes has been really impressive. Cassette Store Day 2018 had over 300 releases worldwide and we have an amazing group of labels involved this year in the UK.” says CSD UK Manager Brit Williams. “Sean at Burger, Takamasa at Side-B and I start emailing each other every Spring to get preparations in order and it’s so great to see them come up with ideas to make it bigger and better year after year. The cassette boom in the USA and Japan is phenomenal! It’s our seventh year running Cassette Store Day and the DIY tape community is really strong. Everyone wants to help out the creatives around them and get involved to celebrate.”

UK Cassette Store Day Releases

Alessio PeckCanzonette(Freakout Records)
Analog NightmareToo Stoned To Care(Holy Grail Records)
Analogue Electronic WhateverMore Right Than Wobble(Beetawave Records)
Basil KirchinDeja Vu(Freetownway)
bdrmmIf not, when?(Sonic Cathedral)
Dallas AcidThe Spiral Arm(Saints Records)
Das Blaue PalaisD-UF 73(Bellerophon)
Derek PiotrAvia (Deluxe Edition)(Bit-Phalanx Music)
Donor LensMiracle Lounge(My Pet Flamingo)
EBRodeo Queen(Beanie Tapes)
Franz BargmannStreettape(Bellerophon )
Ghost Of The AvalancheCivil Unrest EP(Die Das Der)
Giant SwanGiant Swan(KECK)
Gunther PragueOne Hundred Schillings Louder EP(Creature Lab Records)
Hundred Year Old ManRei(Astral Noize Records)
Italia 90Italia 90 III(Fierce Panda/Permanent Creeps)
Jan BorreGrayson(Spun Out Of Control)
June CocoFantasies & Fine Lines(Flashback)
KranemannElectric Guitar(Bellerophon)
Left in ColourCurse(Tremolo Projects)
Local AuthorityNegative Space(4000 Records)
Lost JamesChapman’s Pool(Music Hoarders United)
Luxury EliteBlind Date | Rose Quartz(My Pet Flamingo)
MaripoolI See Everything I Know Nothing(Maripool)
Marmaleene and The MoondustersMarmaleene and The Moondusters(4000 Records)
Max BlansjaarFantasy Living(Beanie Tapes)
Menace Beach and The E.S.P.Slo-Mo-Shun(Memphis Industries)
Michael FakeschMarion (20th Anniversary Double Edition)(Bit-Phalanx Music)
mynameisblueskye & Savan DePaulSplit(Tiergarten Records)
NightdubbingNightdubbing 2(Dig Vinyl)
Occams LaserOccult 89(TimeSlave Recordings)
Opiate (Thomas Knak)Objects For An Ideal Home (20th Anniversary Edition)(Bit-Phalanx Music)
Pip BlomBoat(Heavenly Recordings)
Petlib.Maker(Beth Shalom Records)
Psycho ComedyPick Me Up/Sleepwalking(Silver Machine Recordings)
Rail ReplacementOh, Beautiful Spacecraft (Part 1)(Tremolo Projects)
Random Monkey SocietyElectron Dense Mass(RMS Records)
Random Monkey SocietyElectron Dense Mass + Album Number “A” double E.P.(RMS Records)
Real DogsFragments(Don’t Be Nasty)
Simon WaldramInto the Blue(Phase Velocity)
SodaArtificial Flavour(Prettiest Souls)
SonaeMusic For People Who Shave Their Heads (Remixes For Others)(Bit-Phalanx Music)
Stefan BachmeierDoppel(Spun Out Of Control)
The TheSee Without Being Seen(Cineola)
TV PartyTV Party(Hobo Jungle)
Value Added (v++)Optimize All Available(Property Is Theft)
Various ArtistsKyogen / MONK split EP(Ramber Records)
Various ArtistsThe Sour Grapes Compilation Vol.1(Sour Grapes Records)
Various ArtistsContinuous Play 02(Beanie Tapes)
Various ArtistsContinent Tapes Vol. I (Europe)(Dr. Skap Records)
Various ArtistsRemix Wows(Bido Lito!)
Various ArtistsThe Finspang Sound Vol. 2: Exodus 95-97(Kronofonika)
Various ArtistsFlamingo Funk Volume 2(My Pet Flamingo)
Various ArtistsFutureSounds Volume 3(TimeSlave Recordings)
Various ArtistsThe Music Will Save Us Vol. 3(Sad Club Records)
Various ArtistsAbstract Recommendation(Spomenik Tapes)
Various ArtistsMix Tape – Vol 3(Instereo Records)
YammererReality Escape Resort(Restless Bear Records)

Please contact to pre order any releases. Prices will be confirmed at that point also.

Thanks, and remember: pencils are excellent at rewinding your tape.

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