New Music Monday – 27th January 2014

A super fantastiche’ release week to mark the end of January, some corkers available for you ‘Actress, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Snowbird, Peggy Sue, Guardian Alien’, too many – leading the way are the beauties ‘the Dum Dum girls’ with their fantastic new ‘Too True’ album. We have the ‘Loser’ first pressing limited colour vinyl, […]

New Music Monday 20th January 2014

And we’re off….here we go, the first big release week of the year, spearheaded by ‘Warpaint, Mogwai and I Break Horses’ amongst many others… Unfortunately, Mogwai is running slightly late, we are expecting these in store tomorrow. ‘Thee Silver Mt Zion’ new album has a new release date of 27th Jan (next Monday). We are […]