Incest Fest 2012

I always knew that incest had potential….It seems that local look and sound a likes, that play with each other regularly have decided to make it public by holding ‘Incest Fest’ at the Wine Vaults in Southsea this surprisingly sunny Thursday evening.

And what great fun it was! Organised by Wit and his band of brothers ‘The B of the Bang’, and Kyle and his uncles ‘The retrospective soundtrack players/the Dawn Chorus’. This was essentially a blood related musical orgy, where by members of each band were invited to experiment with members from other bands.

What a treat! not only the forth to last ever appearance of the truly under appreciated ‘The Dawn Chorus’, we had performances by Rich, Zegema Beach, Roxanne Johns – Wit and Kyle (the Liam Gallagher and Damon Albarn of Southsea, together on stage for the first time since the infamous battle for the no.1 spot  in the Portsmouth evening news official top 40), some very special xylophone playing by Elliott Gregg, The growling pedal play of Dave Rhodes twin necked Gibson/fender hybrid guitar, the beautiful sound of Paul Butlers brass and lot’s of general local love in the room.

Not even the on stage murdering of Mccalmont and Butlers amazingly euphoric ‘Yes’ put anyone off their beer, as Wit and Kyle sang an in-bread version of the mid nineties song. It was as if David and Bernard’s very own mute and deaf love child was in the audience, dancing to it in front of their very eyes! A special moment. Yes.

Playing to a packed out venue, the night was a real success and good on’ The family fingernails’ in organising what must be the most original but liberating festival on the planet.

Thank you Southsea brothers and sisters, you really made me feel like one of the family!


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