Pie&Vinyl Presents…DZ DEATHRAYS with support from RickyFitts and You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons

Hi. Pie&Vinyl presents…are back with another dose of beautiful noise, as we take huge delight in announcing Australia’s super radical DZ DEATHRAYS live at the Eastney Cellars (http://www.thecellars.co.uk/) on July 16th.

The Australian thrash pop duo from Brisbane, are visiting the Southcoast in preparation for their second album release Black Rat penciled in for UK release on August 18th (Of course we will be stocking it) and a bunch of festival appearances this summer…

Also in support are brothers RICKYFITTS, fresh off the back of their E.P. Release and the famous YOU’RE SMILING NOW BUT WE’LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS, who release their new album ‘Contact High’ this Monday 23rd. (We hope to stock this record next week)

The sweet three piece complete this sonic sandwich of acts, that will take a big bite out of you.

Vinyl only DJ’s in attendance, and late closing should make this a special one.

We will also be selling pies on the night, and making the outside area available to use for a Pie&Vinyl Garden party.

More details will be available on socials etc soon. Look out for posters around the city…

Tickets will be available in store towards the end of next week – if you would like to reserve one, e mail steve@pieandvinyl.co.uk.

To you splendid folk, it’s just £5 – tickets available from Pie&Vinyl.

dz deathrays2

More on the bands below…


dz deathrays


The new DZ Deathrays album  will be released on August 18th UK and, according to the band’s press-release, is “a rich, deep collection of sounds, textures and arrangements”. The record features production from Burke Reid of Gerling whose production credits include The Drones, Seekae, and The Mess Hall as well as Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine, the Horrors, Sigur Rós). To recreate the sounds of the new record live the DZ Deathrays duo – singer and guitarist Shane Parsons and drummer Simon Ridley will be joined on stage during the tour by a mysterious third musician.

They guys describe the songs as “a mashup of melodic and heavy.”



Rickyfitts, the latest sweet two piece to up the ante in our luscious seaside town/island city as we drain and tap some of the strongest sounding stuff to emerge from these beaches in a long time…

Using every decade of recorded music to peel, chop and throw in to a golden melting pot, these brothers truly make an exciting new flavour which they can proudly call their own. Totally owning their post garage blues fuzz sound, these guys could only exist in the year 2014.

Their debut E.P. Release available on Pie&Vinyl Records in store now!


Naming themselves after a late night TV programme about Japanese female wrestlers, You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons carved a name out for themselves a force to be reckoned with.

New (but old) album, ‘Contact High’ is delivered to your side panels over 4 sides of vinyl, The Demons bring forth massive grooves and dreamy vocals shot through with wah wah, tremolo and fuzz mania – sounding not unlike Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and Mudhoney stuck in a revolving door. Sides C and D are given over to one track on each side, both of which are psychedelic dirges that channel Hawkwind at their most strung out collapsing into a blizzard of wah wah and fuzz chaos. For the first time includes a new track ‘The Plague’




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