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Hayden Thorpe (Wild Beasts) – Lunch Time In Store Performance

When? – 1:30pm (Lunchtime) Monday 27th April 2019. Free Entry – Pre order the new record on any format to gain priority entry

HOLY SHEEEEEET…have we got a good’un for you guys! We are delighted and honoured to welcome shop hero (we love Wild Beasts) HAYDEN THORPE to the shop, for a super intimate bank holiday in store performance.

Hayden will be playing some songs from his very special debut album ‘Diviner’ released on ‘Domino Records’ on 24th May.

When? – 1:30pm (Lunchtime) Monday 27th April 2019.

How much is it? – Free Entry – Pre order the new record on any format to gain priority entry HERE 

Where? Southsea’s Pie&Vinyl

After pre ordering the new LP, we will send you an e mail with some instructions on an earlier entry time to collect your LP, and choose the best spot. Hayden will be signing your copy after the show. 

*We are expecting huge interest for this, so please arrive early to avoid disapointing disapointment*

We’ll also be selling a limited pie for your lunch, chosen by Hayden himself.

More details on the new LP below, and we can wait to see you there.

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 It is with great pleasure that Domino announce Divinerthe debut solo album from Hayden Thorpe, due for release on 24th May 2019. Along with the news of Diviner, Hayden Thorpe shares the new track, “Love Crimes” plus a video, directed by Alexandra Liveris.

Diviner is a deeply emotional album: lyrically generous in its candid tone and self-awareness, the melodies resonant with sense memory. The album feels like a startling departure from Thorpe’s previous work with Wild Beasts and also unlike anything else being made at the moment.

Written in a deep period of flux; at points in California, Cornwall and at his home in London – the latter acting as a womb-like space where he worked out his new life, story and belief systems. “My adulthood was based on a certain belief system, a band, a family. When it shifted entirely, I had a ghost I had to find a new haunt for,” Thorpe notes. But his belief in songs as transformative entities kept him going. “I believe in the medicinal properties of songs. I believe in their healing properties,” he says. “Songs defy time, they don’t erode or denature, they come with you and reform anew in your mind as and when you need them.”

“I broke up with myself. So this is a break-up album, but not about a relationship. It’s a break-up from a past self, it’s a breakup from the old idea of yourself and therefore every relationship, of all kinds, that you’ve ever had.”

Throughout the record, Thorpe’s voice is a beacon – paired with weaving piano, ambient guitar drifts and propulsive bass lines – his sound is even more powerfully unfettered than before, as if he’d found a new inner voice, a new way to use his instrument.

PLASTIC MERMAIDS – Live In Store Outside Performance

Wednesday 29th May 2019 - Doors at 8:00pm with signing session after the performance

We are super excited to welcome back to Southsea, PLASTIC MERMAIDS for a very special intimate performance to celebrate the release of their debut album ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’ released by our good friends, ‘Sunday Best’. Oh yeah!

This will be held at our brothers from another mother’s venue, the beautiful ‘House Of Rapture’ at the Staggeringly Good Brewery.

Completely FREE ENTRY, although we are expecting this to be a busy.

To guarantee entry, we recommend pre ordering an LP or CD for the band to sign after the performance at the meet and greet. Please order HERE to confirm your place.

We’ll be selling pies on the night, with a special pie chosen by the band! You’ll also be able to match the pie with some incredible freshly brewed beer.

Eyes, ears and bellies sorted = heavenly times.

In brief:

When? – Doors at 8:00pm, Wednesday 29th May 2019

The meet, greet and signing will take place after the performance.

Where? – The House Of Rapture, Staggeringly Good Brewery (find more details HERE)

We will send you an e mail with priority entry instructions near to the event. 

More details on Plastic Mermaids incredible new record below.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Plastic Mermaids are a five-piece band from just across the Solent on the Isle of Wight who, after building their own analogue studio, have self-produced one of the most genuinely original and sonically adventurous debut albums you’ll hear all year: Suddenly Everyone Explodes.

They are brothers Jamie and Douglas Richards, who collaborate on vocals, synths and samples, along with guitarist Chris Newnham, bassist Tom Farren and drummer Chris Jones.

Born out of the ashes of previous bands Magic Octagon and Neon Fetus, Plastic Mermaids are not a band who have ever wanted for ambition. They started out as a three-piece – Jamie, Doug and Chris – although they realised after early shows that they needed more hands on deck. “I was there at their first gig, not playing but just watching”, remembers Tom. “It was utter carnage. I really appreciated the audacity of them even attempting what they were doing. They had an audaciousness, and the willingness to try things and have them not pay off”. “We just kept coming up with ideas and tried to make them happen” recalls Douglas. “That’s all we did for ages. We didn’t really think about where it would all lead”.

Most bands wouldn’t go to those sort of lengths for their art, but Plastic Mermaids aren’t like most bands. They’ve had a great reception so far with their latest single “1996” already being a favourite with Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1, Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 and John Kennedy on Radio X. More than just a record, they have created their own very idiosyncratic world. On Suddenly Everyone Explodes, you can explore it for yourself.

In terms of musical influences, fans of The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Arcade Fire, Sparklehorse and Tame Impala will all find something to love in Plastic Mermaids’ richly-textured sound. The Flaming Lips’ influence is also evident in their ecstatic live show.

Wovoka Gentle Instore at Pie&Vinyl

Wednesday 12th June at 6pm - FREE ENTRY!

WHOOO? – Wovoka Gentle

WHEN – Tuesday 12th June 2019 at 6pm

WHERE? – The shop, Pie&Vinyl

WHAT? – Free Entry, with priority offered for pre ordering the LP in advance.

We are very pleased to welcome Wovoka Gentle was they launch their debut LP with a gig at Pie&Vinyl on 12th June at 6pm.

There will also be a signing session with the band after the show when they will be happy to sign copies of their new album “Start Clanging Cymbals” which is released on Friday 7th June via the NUDE label.

Priority for entry to the gig will go to anyone who preorders the album from us, which you can do in the shop or via our website on the link below:

Click HERE to order the album on limited clear coloured vinyl LP:

Please note no physical tickets will be posted or made available to collect. All customers who pre-order the album on any format will automatically be added to an entry list for the evening where your name will be checked off on arrival at the venue (please take ID).

We’ll e mail you nearer to the show with instructions.

We’ll also be selling a Wovoka Gentle pie, with the pastry and filling chosen by the guys themseleves. The perfect TEA TIME!

More info on the record below!

See you there and thanks for your support!

Wovoka Gentle are an experimental three-piece from London, comprised of William J Stokes and twins Imogen and Ellie Mason. Taking its root in folk and Americana songwriting, the Wovoka sound draws upon the psychedelic soundscapes of the late 60s as well as contemporary experimental, pop and collage music; marrying classic instrumentation with sampling, analogue synthesis and sound manipulation.

They have announced the release of their debut album ‘Start Clanging Cymbals’ on 7th June through Nude Records.

After releasing ‘1,000 Opera Singers Working in Starbucks’, ‘Peculiar Form of Sleep’, ‘Sin is Crouching At Your Door’ and ‘Tell’em Makoto’, Wovoka Gentle have now shared a new track from their upcoming debut LP. ‘Xerxes’ features glitchy electronics, soaring beats and the exuberant voices of Kids Club Kampala Choir. They add: “You could say there’s an atmosphere of celebration in Xerxes ‘19, even though it’s more or less about death. There’s an imagined ecstatic moment of submission before departing a world running election campaigns for tried and tested tyrants, where legends are equal parts seductive and dangerous. The Kids Club Kampala Choir was recorded in Uganda by a friend of ours, originally for the Kids Club Kampala charity. We wanted to create a call and response dynamic between our vocals and their vocals; the conversation flung across continents.”