The Return of the Record Token!

  Coming 14th May 2018 and available in store at Pie&Vinyl #RecordTokens @recordtokens For a new generation of vinyl lovers. The Record Token is back! #RecordTokens’ There are lots of reasons people love record shops. The experience of discovering something new, finding old gems hidden in the racks or simply connecting with the music you love. […]

Pie&Vinyl ‘Peoples Choice’ Top 11 Records Of The Year 2017 (It’s A Bit Of Fun…)

We’d like to invite, YOU The PEOPLE (‘s) using the parallel universe web on your computer gadget, to vote for your favourite record, from our list of favourite records of the year 2017! You will then be part of a democratic movement, that helps create the official ‘People’s Choice 2017’. Imagine that. Oh, and you can […]